hayward: Welcome VA Loans in the San Fancisco Bay Area - 09/23/10 10:47 AM
I listed a home in Hayward, Ca about three weeks ago!  It was in an area called Prospect Hills, a once very prestigous location in the town of Hayward.  It was home to many affluent architects, lawyers and doctors.  Back in the day, it was the "place" to be!
Today, Hayward has taken it's toll in the Real Estate Industry.  Prospect Hill hasn't seen the full potentila it once did in the 1950's.  It really is too bad because Prospect Hill is amazing location.  Architectual designs that have nooks and crannies, arbors and pillars that stand out in the crowd.
Yesterday, I was blessed … (1 comments)

hayward: My Client Will Stick With Me..My Client Will Leave Me..My Client Will Stick With Me...In Fremont, CA - 11/17/09 01:53 PM

My Client Will Stick With Me..My Client Will Leave Me..My Client Will Stick With Me...
Is this market changing the Loyalty of our clients?
I had a serious conversation with a buyers agent working so hard in the industry today just to make a sale and help her clients be successful.  As an REO Agent in the Bayeast area, Fremont, Hayward, Dublin, Newark and surrounding areas, I feel the pain of the buyers agents today.  We are showing homes, working 7 days a week, and hoping that the buyers don't walk. 
Buyers, appreciate your agents.  They are working on your behalf.  It is challenging to … (5 comments)

hayward: Attention All Sellers In Fremont. Hayward...Jump Off The Fence.. - 11/16/09 05:52 AM
Good Day Fremont Townhome/Condo Sellers:
 It has recently dawned on me, after a struggling weekend with trying to show inventory to buyers, or the lack there of.  If you have been following the market in your Hayward, Union City, Fremont areas, in hopes of some positive triggers to motivate you to sale your home and upgrade, relocate or gain extra dollars, you had better jump in!
After attempting to help a number of buyers under the price range of $300K this past weekend, I am extremely saddend by the quality of homes being sold by the banks.  Sellers, you have a Golden Opportunity … (0 comments)

hayward: Sellers..You Have A Market Now - 11/15/09 11:55 AM
I previewed a home today, actually two.  I have a number of buyers VA and I don't know how many FHA.  Now these loan programs aren't bad, they just have a few requirements.  It appears that the limited inventory is taking it's toll on the buyers!  I called on two listings today that were in decent condition, and both properties have already received 25+ offers (listed for only 3 days.)  That means two winners and 48 losing bids.  That means regular home sellers, it is time to put your home on the market and get a great price!  If you are in the Hayward area, let's get together.  A well … (4 comments)

hayward: VA Loans Vs. the REO Industry..OUCH - 11/15/09 07:22 AM
Happy Sunday:
It seems I am becoming the VA Loan Expert in my local area of the Bay Area of Fremont, Hayward, San Jose and surrounding cities. First time buyers who have graciously served our country in some form, are finding value in their VA Loan options. It is a great loan and fully backed by the government so no PMI is required which can save the buyer a lot of money.  The closing costs are split between the seller and buyer.  There are certain non-allowable fees required to be  paid by the seller, so this again is a money saver for VA borrower.  It is … (3 comments)