north georgia mountains: What a Beautiful Day In The North Georgia Mountains - 03/16/11 07:03 AM
There are many things I love about my job.
Actually there are so many things about my job that I love that I can't really even begin to list them all.
This past weekend I was able to enjoy one of the things I love most though..... going to look at property on a beautiful spring day!
Sunday was the perfect day to be out looking at property. It was one of those perfect spring days in the North Georgia Mountains.
Not to hot.
Not to cold.
Just right!
Close your eyes and feel the warm sunshine on your face, the … (4 comments)

north georgia mountains: Atlanta will 'rise from the ashes' yet again! - 03/27/10 03:07 AM
I love Atlanta for reasons both personal and professional. I lived there for many years and still find myself traveling down at least once or twice a month to visit friends, shop, dine, or take in a play or Braves game. It is a wonderfully small and friendly 'big city.' Professionally, my real estate fortune is tied up with Atlanta's as many of my customers are second-home buyers from Atlanta, so as their market goes, so goes the North Georgia mountain real estate market.That's why it was so nice to see this article in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution that ties Atlanta's many wonderful … (0 comments)

north georgia mountains: Mandatory jail time for motorists who drive too slow in the left lane. (Don't I wish!) - 03/23/10 02:22 AM
FINALLY!!!  There IS some justice in the world!  Georgia lawmakers have taken on my absolutely biggest driving pet peeve -- lunkheads who drive too slow in the left lane (the PASSING lane for God's sake!!!). Especially maddening is when they do it on Hwy. 515 (the only four-lane highway up here in the North Georgia mountains) and drive at or under the speed limit, driving side-by-side with a car in the right lane, thereby blocking everyone behind them as they drive for miles, completely oblivious to the seething drivers behind them.  When I am finally able to get around these airheads (by passing illegally in … (4 comments)

north georgia mountains: A Sad Day for Local Banks in the North Georgia Mountains - 03/20/10 03:27 AM
Opened in 1909 by 10 local businessmen, the Bank of Hiawassee grew strong over the ensuing 97 or so years, perservering through the Great Depression and the lean years that followed, as small communities throughout the Appalachians struggled with the after effects of the Depression far longer than their industrialized counterparts. Yet, the small bank in Towns County continued to strengthen, growing from $25,000 in deposits in 1909 to over $435 million, according to its Website. In the process, they expanded into the neighboring counties of Union and Fannin -- opening as Bank of Blairsville and Bank of Blue Ridge, respectively -- becoming one … (8 comments)

north georgia mountains: There's Treasure in Them Thar Hills! Geocaching in Blue Ridge, GA - 03/10/10 11:36 AM
Looking for something different to do in Blue Ridge? Try geocaching! Geocaching is a sort of high tech outdoor treasure hunt where you use a GPS in place of a treasure map. Now, you won't find a gold-filled treasure chest in the cache, but you will find fun and goodies hidden within each one. Plus, you will find the beauty and grandeur of the North Georgia mountains along the way! The Fannin County Chamber of Commerce has hidden five geocaches in Blue Ridge. Simply enter the coordinates of each into your GPS, and you're off! The Welcome Wow (N 34° 52.508’ W084° 17.950’) … (4 comments)

north georgia mountains: Program Will Pay Homeowners Who Sell at a Loss - 03/09/10 05:43 AM
The Obama administration has announced a new short-sale program aimed at alleviating some of the roadblocks that now impede the process, which will hopefully inject some life into the nation's ailing real estate market.   According to a New York Times article, the program -- that will take effect on April 5 -- will help some of the five million households who are currently behind on their mortgages by compelling lenders to accept a short-sale arrangement in lieu of foreclosure. A short-sale can occur when a lender agrees to take less for a property than the amount owed on the mortgage, thereby avoiding foreclosure.The program will not help everyone; … (6 comments)

north georgia mountains: Your Second Home: Hardy Perennials to the Rescue - 02/27/10 02:45 AM
We bought our cabin in the beautiful North Georgia mountains in the dead of winter. When we came up from Atlanta on the weekends during the cold months, we busied ourselves on the inside of the cabin making it our cozy nest. Once Spring arrived, we welcomed the opportunity to start digging and planting. We planted what we thought were hardy varieties of plants, and for a few months - as we came up weekend to weekend - we were delighted to see the progress that our 'babies' were making.  Come May, we sank a pretty penny into buying hanging baskets of ferns … (0 comments)

north georgia mountains: Wordless Wednesday: Ellijay Wearing its Autumn Finery - 10/28/09 01:42 AM

A view from my father's deck in Ellijay overlooking a pasture and the lovely mountains of North Georgia.

Visit my Website to find out more about the beautiful Mountains of North Georgia and the great home-buying opportunities that await you right now! Or, call me at 404-435-6470.

north georgia mountains: The Martyn House--'Arabian Nights' in Ellijay - 10/24/09 05:02 AM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a great piece today on The Martyn House in Ellijay, about a 20-minute drive from Blue Ridge. It brought to mind the wonderful time I recently had at one of their amazing farm-to-table meals. The hosts -- Joann Adams and Rick Lucas -- couldn't have been more warm and welcoming, the food more divine, or the surroundings more enchanting. I went on a balmy summer evening, and shared a table under the stars with about 50 other folks, a varied group that included local artists, gallery owners, civic leaders...and me (I could make out the whispers, "Who … (2 comments)

north georgia mountains: No, I think they meant THAT White Oak...Legal Descriptions in the North Georgia Mountains - 10/15/09 01:28 AM
Oh, the simple pleasures of living in the North Georgia mountains. I came across this actual legal description for a property today:
BEGINNING at the old house place, running southwest to a large Beech tree, continuing the same direction to the top of the mountain and a White Oak tree; thence northwest following high ground to the Stephens property line; thence following the Stephens property line due North to the corner; thence northeast to the branch; thence down branch to ford of branch; thence southeast, following an old road to the starting point, containing 30 acres, more or less … (5 comments)

north georgia mountains: Leaf Watching in the North Georgia Mountains - 10/08/09 03:03 PM
"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."-  Albert Camus

The North Georgia mountains provide an ever-changing canvas upon which Mother Nature paints. Perhaps knowing the winter months will bring little opportunity for color, she pulls out all the stops and splashes the autumn canvas with a riot of reds, golds, yellows, and oranges.

Fall is a spectacular time in the North Georgia mountains. The colors rival anything you will find in New England, and, because we don't get early frosts, the leaves -- in all their splendor -- stay on the trees much longer, stretching … (10 comments)

north georgia mountains: Vegetable Gardens -- A "Growing" Movement - 03/23/09 01:40 PM
Spring in the North Georgia mountains is not just an intellectual exercise triggered when the calendar reads March 20.  No, the bursting tree buds and daffodils that fill the woods, yards, and roadsides herald the beginning of the season with nary a calendar in sight.
Along with the buds and blooms, you can find both the casual gardener and professional farmer alike tilling our red Georgia clay into neat rows in anticipation of the growing season. 
The National Gardening Association predicts that 43 million households will grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs this year, up 19 percent from last year. Last week, … (6 comments)

north georgia mountains: Your Second Home -- What Do You Do if You Get Sick? - 03/15/09 12:42 PM
As my daughter limped towards the car, my first thought was a very un-Mommy like one: Does this mean we're not going to be able to go to the cabin for the weekend? 
I listened to her war story. She and the defender had gotten to the ball at the same time. Both gave their best kicks; the defender's landed on the ball, my daughter's, on the defender's foot. According to the school nurse, she had jammed her big toe. It would be sore for a few days, but with R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation), she should be back on the … (4 comments)

north georgia mountains: Your Second Home -- A Few Simple Steps to Reduce Energy Costs - 03/12/09 05:39 AM
You buy a cabin in the beautiful North Georgia mountains to escape from the stresses and worries of your life in the city. There are some simple steps you can take to make sure that your cabin is one step closer to being worry-free by cutting down on needlessly high energy costs. And almost all of them are easy enough that you can tackle them yourself in a weekend. 
One of the biggest -- and simplest -- steps you can take is to invest in a programmable thermostat. You can set the thermostat so that the heat and air conditioning maintain minimum temperatures … (0 comments)

north georgia mountains: Gorilla Haven -- An Urgent Message - 03/10/09 02:11 AM

North Georgia mountain's Gorilla Haven -- the only privately-owned gorilla sanctuary approved by the National Association of Zoos & Aquariums -- is in great financial need right now.  
The above video shows one of Gorilla Haven's residents -- Oliver -- thoughtfully eating his apple snacks. This amazing facilty, built and maintained by Jane & Steuart Dewar, offers a home to gorillas that were born and raised in zoos, but who were ultimately labeled 'misfits.'  You can read more about Gorilla Haven in this great article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "A Misfit's Sanctuary." Please read this poignant letter from Jane Dewar and consider helping in some way: … (8 comments)

north georgia mountains: Gorillas in Our Midst -- Gorillas Find Sanctuary in the North Georgia Mountains - 03/01/09 11:41 AM
Joe and Oliver make two unlikely Cinderellas. After having spent the first part of their lives in zoos, Joe and Oliver were whisked away from unhappy lives by their 'fairy godparents,' Jane and Steuart Dewar, to Gorilla Haven, a 324-acre spread in the North Georgia Mountains, just outside of Blue Ridge. Here they are given space to roam and loving care to help heal the emotional scars of their past.  
Unable to peacefully co-exist with his fellow gorillas, Joe was relegated to solitary confinement in a concrete cell for 10-years. Born at the Bronx Zoo in 1988, Oliver, who was born deaf, was unable to … (10 comments)

north georgia mountains: Keep the Home Fires Burning...And Save a Bundle - 11/18/08 02:05 PM
It is cold in the North Georgia mountains tonight. A slender crescent moon is making its journey across the night sky with countless twinkling stars as companions. My husband and I spent the evening in front of a crackling fire. Our three dogs sprawled in front of the hearth, luxuriating in the warmth every bit as much as we did. We keep a fire lit most nights once cold weather sets in. We don't use the fireplace to heat the house, but simply because we both find a crackling fire so peaceful and beautiful.   According to a recent article in The New … (2 comments)

north georgia mountains: SSSHINEY BAUBLES...Baubles, Bangles & Bright Shiny Beads in Blue Ridge... - 08/23/08 02:42 AM
SSSHINEY BAUBLES is a new addition to the shopping landscape in Blue Ridge. And what a sparkly, fun addition it is! Located at 701 East Main Street, SSSHINEY BAUBLES brings to mind a small Beverly Hills boutique--the space may be tiny, but there's such a riot of dazzling jewelry, clothing and handbags everywhere you look, that the opportunity for great shopping is HUGE!   
The shop is the ‘baby' of Susan Dunahoo, a tall elegant blond who's beauty makes it easy to see why she was once a model for St. John Knits and an international flight attendant for United Airlines … (10 comments)

north georgia mountains: Sweet Star -- Make Your Next Visit to Blue Ridge Even Sweeter! - 08/19/08 02:50 PM
When Sweet Star opened its doors last summer, shopping in beautiful downtown Blue Ridge became a much more stylish and sophisticated affair. The first floor of the boutique's delightful two-story space on West Main Street is filled with a mix of separates--tops, skirts, pants, dresses, sweaters and t-shirts-as well as a Beauty Apothecary, handbags, jewelry and Blue Ridge's only Spanx collection. The second floor is the Sale Loft, chock full of great deals.    
Sweet Star owner Nichole Potzauf was born and raised in Miami, then spent several years in Los Angeles where she was a production manager for the Style … (4 comments)

north georgia mountains: Wax Lips and Candy Cigarettes in Blue Ridge, Georgia - 08/14/08 03:29 PM

Remember the good old days when you could go to the local candy shop and buy candy cigarettes and wax lips? I am happy to report those good old days are alive and well at Huck's General Store in Blue Ridge, where wax lips and candy cigarettes (candy or bubblegum variety) fill brimming candy barrels, along with a riot of old favorites like Charleston Chews, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Mary Jane's and chocolate Necco wafers. A person can work up a powerful thirst eating all that good candy, so, luckily you can wet your whistle with an equally nostalgic array of … (10 comments)

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