nar: A REAL Code of Ethics... - 01/06/13 11:51 AM
The "quadrennial" ended a few days ago, and you know what thet means... tens of thousands of REALTOR® had to rush out and take the required Code of Ethics training to maintain their membership status.  I did too. 
But something occurs to me each time we play this game... 
The NAR Code of Ethics isn't a code of ethics at all...
Honestly, it is closer to license law that a code of ethics to practice our profession under.  
I'm not going to knock it for content.  I think most of the regulations and rules are fine for business.  But that … (7 comments)

nar: rebarcamp Atlanta, 2011... Coming up SOON! - 10/19/11 09:32 AM
Less than 10 days from now, Atlanta will have its second rebarcamp event. 
If you haven't been to one of the rebarcamp (rebc) events around the country, you REALLY need to change that.  rebc events are billed as the "unconference".  Unlike a traditional conference, there aren't a bunch of vendors running sessions that are thinly disguised sales pitches... and sometimes they aren't even thinly disguised.  If you've ever been to the NAR Convention, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  It seems like every "education" seminar ends with "and you can get my DVD set at booth 347, for just $199." 

nar: Absorption Rate? What is this about? - 12/04/09 11:22 PM
There are some terms that we toss around in the real estate industry as if people knew what we were talking about...  Absorption Rate is one of those terms. 
It isn't complicated, but if you are unfamiliar with the term, if can be confusing.  And unlike "Bacon Double Cheeseburger", it isn't really self explanatory. 
What is Absorption Rate?
There are a couple of components to Absorption Rates. 
Inventory Level Sales Pace over a specified time period How long the inventory would take to be "used up" at the current level and pace... That is it in a nutshell.  But, let's look … (31 comments)

nar: The Press is on... - 09/15/09 05:07 AM
I have recieved emails this morning from the NAR and from my local association regarding the $8,000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit.  There is a full court press from the National Association of Realtors as well as the local associations to not only continue, but expand this program.  And there is NO doubt that the program has been effective, especially in the last few weeks.  Entry level home sales are up. 
But, honestly... it needs to end as scheduled. 
But it is helping my business...
I can hear some of my real estate agent friends saying that very thing.  That … (29 comments)

nar: All real estate is local... or is it? - 07/26/08 04:46 PM
Let's hammer on the NAR some more. 
All real estate is local
The NAR has been pounding this message in response to the perceived unfairness of media reporting.  And while there is a case to be made that the media isn't presenting a balanced picture, I don't know if the current campaign is the answer...
And here is why...
There IS a national real estate market.  Sure, you can't move a house from one place to another... ok, seldom can you... but, that isn't how the market is defined. 
When "the stock market" moves one way or another, it is the … (9 comments)

nar: This is RICH!!! - 03/13/08 05:01 PM
OMG, I can barely contain myself.  Seriously.  
I have about 30 blogs I keep up with every day... most every day.  And, if you didn't figure out from this post, one of them is the President's Report from the NAR. 
So, this evening I was reviewing my reading and up popped this post.  Could it be that enough of YOU here on little ol' A/R shook up the NAR leadership?  
We understand that blogs are designed to be both informative and interactive. When we put thoughts here, we want to inspire discussion and comments from you.
I am … (15 comments)

nar: I am very sad to say... - 03/10/08 09:54 AM
Not shocked... but sad. 
Actually, I'm not shocked at all.  And maybe sad isn't the right word... disgusted would be better...
And I really hope the right people find this post... 
A few days ago, I posted a comment on the President's Report blog at the NAR.  The NAR has found this whole social media/blogging thing, and they want to show that they "get it" and are hip to the grooviness.  But they don't, and they aren't.  
Dick Gaylord, President of the NAR posted about an email he received that supportive of the NAR and their "rosey" outlook during this … (106 comments)

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