Condo hotels have had great success and failure through out the United States with in the last decade or so. New to Las Vegas Condo Hotels offer a unique way for investor and vacation home owners to take part in some of the action and receive some awesome results. Currently we have 4 major Condo ...
To start the week off with a bang i though i would put together all of the recent news coverage of Trump International Las Vegas. Pay attention to the way the media's attitudes change during the course of the different of a few weeks. Keep in mind there will be more to come in the following weeks...
I am sure if you are receiving any type of news e-mail alert you have been overwhelmed in the last few days with stories about MGM's financing comments. I understand that Boyd gamings Echoleon project has been put on the shelf but MGM's City Center is definitely going no where but up. I sifted th...
Despite all the noise about Boyd Gaming's Echelon resort halting construction there is still plenty of things happening on the world's favorite BLVD. Minus Echelon, Las Vegas Strip construction still remains to thrive and continues to grow like we have never seen before. Check out some of the dev...

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