Did you know that in the United States alone slip and fall rates have increased by 30% from 2006 to 2016 for older adults? According to the CDC, over 800,000 older adults a year find themselves seriously injured and in the emergency room, and 1 out of 5 falls cause broken bones. The good news is ...
Winter is often deemed a wonderland, but when winter weather affects your home or property and causes serious personal injury hazards, it's more of a legal and financial hurricane than a wonderful time of year. Choosing to winterize your home or property can not only help keep you, your loved one...
Finding mold in your property can be a serious issue due to the dangers of the different types of mold that exist. As a property owner, you are responsible to fix the issue and if you are renting out the property, you are responsbible to make accomodations so that your tenants are able to leave t...
In 2018, Wildfires swept through the state of California. Both Southern and Northern California burning at the hands of dry weather and poor infrastructure. The truth is, no matter where you are in the world, a house fire can start at any given moment, if underprepared. With some simple preparati...
In the midst of winter when temperatures drop, we bundle up, close our windows, and turn on heaters to keep us warm. When doing so, we don’t expect is to suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning, yet the numbers tell a different story. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, from...

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