technology: Arkansas Realtors Association's New Building - 03/23/09 06:46 AM
I attended a Digital Signature training session at the new ARA building on Friday, March, 20, 2009.
If anyone has gone to the ARA building in the past will be totally impressed with this new building.  For one, it is all one level and looks very professional.  About one third of the building is set up for a training facility.  There is one large room with three over head projectors each having their own screen.  The large room could be divided into three smaller rooms with it's own projector.  I walked through the rest of the building and is very nice. 

technology: Digital Signature - 03/23/09 06:05 AM
The Arkansas Realtors Association has provided its member with the ability to use digital signatures with our real estate contracts.  The Realtor offices purchase the forms software for $25 per agent and the broker is charged $200.  This is an annual cost.  At this training, one of the speakers mentioned that Texas charges each agent $90 per year just for the forms.  If the agent wants digital signature capability, they pay an additional $25 per month.  I give the Arkansas Realtors Association kudo's for doing this for us and keeping the costs down.
A digital signature is secure.  In short, when … (5 comments)

technology: Have you done a complete transaction online? - 03/16/09 08:04 AM
I was talking to my friend Dick Betts the other day and we got talking about technology.  Dick is a National Real Estate Speaker and has a wealth of knowledge.  You can go to his website at and see what all he teaches.
While talking the other night, I told him that I did a complete transaction online.  That's correct, a COMPLETE real estate transaction online.  It started with an e-mail several months earlier requesting some information about land sales in my market place.  I e-mailed the seller back and forth many times.  I didn't hear back from them for several months and then I received an … (10 comments)

technology: The next generation and how they communicate. - 02/24/09 03:11 AM
I have been doing some research on technology and how to get your message out there.  One of the areas I was looking into was the high school to college age.  These are our future customers/clients and possibly competition in the business.  I have read in many resources that if you do not get into today's technology, you will be left behind and might as well close your doors.  I have heard and read that 85-87% of all people looking for houses start on the internet.  WOW!  that is alot.  The rest of the group probably already has an agent. 
I have seen … (8 comments)

technology: Computers? - What is 32 bit and 64 bit operating sysytem? - 02/18/09 12:05 AM
I had some ask me what is 32 and 64 bit operating systems and this was the simplest answer I was able to find that explains what it is doing.
64-bit versions of Windows Vista are for computer users who have high-performance needs and are typically running a computer with 4 GB or more of Random Access Memory (RAM). The terms "32-bit" and "64-bit" refer to the way a computer's processor handles information. The 32-bit versions of the Windows operating system can only use up to 3 GB of memory.
The 64-bit versions of Windows can use more memory and help … (3 comments)

technology: Palm TREO, do you have one? Need to know if buying a new computer. - 02/18/09 12:04 AM
I purchased a new computer and had some issues connecting my Palm Treo650.  All new computers that have more than 4gig memory will be operating on a 64 bit operating system.  Palm does not have support for you to use their product on a 64 bit operating system.  I was doing an internet search and ran across this;
According to Iain Thomson at, Palm has confirmed that it is dropping the PalmOS operating system to concentrate fully on the webOS currently being developed for the forthcoming PalmPre. Palm president Ed Colligan has told investors that PalmOS is being officially retired, … (6 comments)

technology: Buying a new computer soon? WAIT! - 02/17/09 02:22 AM
Are you in the market for a new computer system?  I was!  I went and purchased a new computer last Friday and was excited about all it had on it.  I was busy over the weekend so I had to wait until Monday to set it up.  I was almost like a little kid that couldn't wait to play with his new toy! 
This system had a dual, quad core processor, 8 gig memory, 750 gig hard drive and a 22 inch monitor and was using Vista.  I really love my XP but I knew that is the way everything is going … (11 comments)

technology: Have you tried it yet? - - Great technology! - 02/10/09 05:15 AM
I wrote a blog several days ago about some new technology and I gave a brief introduction about  You can create a video message and e-mail it to your customers, clients and family and if they have a camera and microphone they in turn can send one right back to you.  With the free service, you get to record upto 1 minute messages and they will be stored on their site for 30 days or you can purchase the pro package and you can record upto 5 minutes and they will be stored for an unlimited time.
I like that … (18 comments)

technology: Virtual Tours - which one is the best and why? - 02/27/08 07:19 AM
We all are told that over 80% OF BUYERS are looking at homes on the internet.  Even here in rural Searcy, Arkansas that is a big deal for buyers.  I had a prospect in my office the other day and we were looking at homes on the MLS system which is internet based.  They were looking in the $60-80,000 price range and we ran across some of them that had virtual tours.  The wife got real excited and said "Wow, a virtual tour can we look at it?"  I proceeded and we viewed the houses together.  They LOVED it! (so did I … (13 comments)


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