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I was asked by one of my clients who is thinking about doing a short sale if they should just stop making their payments. This is a very difficult question to answer for anyone, and I can’t answer this question as a real estate agent. This question should be asked when talking to your accountant...
Original Source: Struggling Home Sellers Should Consider Lease Options Before I get into why you might want to consider a lease option, let me give you a little background on market statistics. The other day, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) released a troubling statistic. In July, hom...
Original Source: Short Sale Agents And Investors Committing Fraud? We all have our bad apples in our industries, and Realtors are no exception. With the uprise in the amount of short sales in today’s real estate market, there is more and more short sale fraud being committed by unsavory agents. ...
Original Source: How To Avoid Going Into Foreclosure Facing a potential foreclosure? Well, in today’s real estate market, you are one of many. Ever since the job market started going south, foreclosure rates all across the country have continued to climb. Let me give you a few tips to try before...
Original Source: Buying Logan Utah Foreclosures At Public Auction Yesterday I discussedbuying a foreclosure during the pre-foreclosure process, and today I wanted to move along in the series to the public auction phase. Once a homeowner is foreclosed on, the banks will hold an open auction for t...
Most of us Realtors are not SEO experts, but we can learn if we take a little time. There are some very basic SEO (btw, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization) strategies that most Realtors fail to use to get their websites showing up in search engines. Do you know what they are? Maybe you do ...
Original Source: Contacting A Distressed Homeowner To Buy A Pre-Foreclosure Earlier, I wrote a post on the Logan Utah foreclosure process, and in that post I discussed negotiating with a home owner on purchasing their home while it’s in pre-foreclosure. In this post, I wanted to discuss this tac...
Original source: Logan Utah Foreclosures Process And Overview This post is going to be one of many posts on the foreclosure process here in Logan UT that I will be writing over the next couple days. First of all let’s discuss what a foreclosure is. A foreclosure is a process that allows the lien ...
Original Source:  The Complete Guide To Buying A Home In Logan Utah In 2010 Most real estate markets around the country are considered to be a buyers market. The Logan real estate market is no different. We are in a very strong buyers market, and it only makes sense to me to give you buyers as m...
How do you get your blog posts from the first page of Google to number 3, 2, or even #1 in the search results? It's simple; you need to market them, link to them, and syndicate them for more exposure. Every time I write a blog post, I have a notepad document of the links I use to syndicate my pos...

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