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  Williamson County, TN offers a great program. Are you a Senior Citizen living alone? Worried about your Senior relatives who might be living alone? The Senior Citizen's Assurance Program is brought to you by the Sheriff's Office. It's FREE, and easy to apply.   Simply: 1. Call Melissa Colvin or...
  As a former paralegal in both litigation and family law firms, this is a question that often came up.  Often, the question came up AFTER dings on their credit report for a debt that the ex-spouse was supposed to pay, but was paid late, or not at all.  Sometimes it came even later, after a forec...
It will be here soon, so get ready! The Fieldstone Farms Community Garage Sale is a huge event, attended by many shoppers both local, and from outlying counties (not to mention out of state)! Scheduled for Saturday, September 18, 2010 it will be here before you know it. Start polishing the goods,...
  The Wounded Warrior ( Soldier Ride ) is coming to Franklin, TN! Support our Soldiers in Arms! The wounded warrier project provides physical and mental rehabilitation through cycling.   The Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to honor and empower wounded warriors...
  It's STILL hot! Maybe Canoeing is just not the thing to do today. You've been wanting to cool off with a sweet treat. The perfect place to go is Sweet CeCe's in Downtown Franklin, 500 Main Street at 5 points. You can't miss it, patrons are always outside, enjoying their sweet treats at the tab...
It's still summer. Sure, the kids are back in school, but the heat is still searing! Take some time to cool off on the Harpeth River. A great new company opened this summer, The Franklin Canoe and Kayak Company. They have different trips scheduled at various lengths. Enjoy the scenery, look for ...
Current Homes For Sale in Fieldstone Farms. Here is a look back on the Fieldstone Farms Housing Market to view trends. Below are graphs depicting the activity in Fieldstone Farms neighborhood for the past 6 months. (February through July). These numbers are pulled from ALL listings in Fieldstone....
What is the first decision in Divorce? Logically, one party or the other (or both parties mutually) decide that their marriage cannot be saved, and divorce is the only option. After that then what? Often, once a divorce is decided upon, the next biggest decision in divorce is often made first. Wh...


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