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The latest data shows that Reverse Mortgage Application volume in January  was down about 50% from last year. Unfortunately this is no suprise. in my opinion; here's why: 1) The ridiculous 10% limit cut last year has made it impossible for thousands (millions?) of people to get a Reverse Mortgage...
A very interesting article from a few weeks ago in the Tampa Bay paper writes about the over 55 demographic as part of the national employment picture. All of its statistics come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. First, the number of unemployed people aged 55 to 64 has tripled to 1.6 million s...
Here's a few nuggets about the Reverse Mortgage market and it's unbelievable potential: As per the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2004, over 27 million Households have at least one resident over 62 years old. 21 million (78%) Senior Households own their own home 73 percent of them own them outright with ...
Jack Guttentag, "The Mortgage Professor" wrote a great piece about Reverse Mortgages in the Washington Post on January 23rd. Kudos to Reverse Mortgage Daily which pointed the piece out a few days ago. The article is called "Reverse mortgages are not the next subprime" which refers to the horrendo...
Joe Murin was the head of Ginne Mae, the government agency that now securitizes most Reverse Mortgages and the only one of the three major Government Sponsored Entities (GSE's) that is not in trouble (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the other two) He wrote a great piece in mortagge new daily about...

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