Not to toot my horns but I would I am a pretty nice person, I got it from my mom, she was kind hearted and gave more of herself that anyone I've ever known. But when is nice too nice?I have always had a problem with saying "NO" I go above and beyond to help people and I've notice that not everyon...
I know this topic might be a bit sensitive, but I wanted to get AR's feedback about how ones ethnicity influences their business, if at all. A couple months ago a young man posted a blog about his name and how he thought because it identified him as someone from a certain region, that it might af...
 Imagine a place where lush vegetation surrounded youWhere waterfalls are natural and not man madeWhere a white sandy beach is never more than a mile a wayAnd where everyone is so friendly and hospitable, and the locals always have a smile on their facesWhere it's always warm, not hot, because th...
 This bustling beautiful city is located only a couple miles northwest of Atlanta. With a population of about 27,000, Lawrenceville has just the right number of hospitable residents with diverse communities. The average home in Lawrenceville is approximately 144K and the housing options are just ...
So your buyer got approved to purchase a home for up to 170, 000.00 FANTASTIC!!They're excited that they can purchase their first home and you're excited for them, after all that's one of the reasons you're still in the business, you take pride in knowing that you've help individuals and family a...
Adrenaline Climbing Adrenaline Climbing is Atlanta and Gwinnett's indoor rock climbing and rappelling center. They offer 12,500 square ft of fun and safe climbing, including a huge bouldering cave, extreme overhangs, a massive canyon roof and a 25 ft. slide/climbing area reserved for kids only. E...
 Because of the current inventory and competition on the market home sellers are becoming more realistic and are offering more competitive pricing to buyers. In addition sellers are willing to accept lower offers. A savvy buyer with good agent representation can get a property for a considerable ...
Where: Suwanee, Georgia, 30 miles north of Atlanta.Population: Approximately 12, 000.Estimated House/Condo Value: 268,700KElementary SchoolsLevel Creek Elementary Parsons Elementary Riverside Elementary Settles Bridge Elementary Sharon Elementary Suwanee Elementary Walnut Grove Elementary Middle ...
 It's father's day and I wanted to remember all the great mothers like mine, who are doing it alone. The mom who managed to balance work, being a mother, father and looking fine all at the same time Those moms who never thought of themselves, or complained about giving...the mom who lives to love...
Lilburn is located in the western part of Gwinnett County, in the state of Georgia. The railroad runs through the old town area and Lawrenceville Highway (Highway 29) is the main corridor of traffic.Lilburn is also the home to the largest public school in Georgia, Berkmar High School and athletic...

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