home energy savings: How Much Insulation is Enough - 02/12/07 08:38 AM
Having enough insulation is not an "old home problem." Plenty of newer homes are lacking insulation in certain areas. One spot to consider when adding insulation is the attic. Attics are easily-accessible and many times the floor is uninsulated. The trick is determining how much is needed. 
Insulation is generally measured using the term R-value. The R-value is a measure of the insulation's "thermal resistance," or resistance to heat or cold temperatures traveling through the material. The higher the R-value, the greater the product's insulating capabilities.
R-values are cumulative, so insulation can be layered to create a greater R-value. Insulation can also be combined with various types … (0 comments)

home energy savings: Saving Money: The Home Energy Saver - 12/05/06 05:48 AM
Saving money by reducing home energy costs just makes good sense. I follow home energy saving tips sent by my local utility. I change my furnace filters regularly. I recently installed a high-efficiency air conditioning unit. I decreased the temperature of my hot water heater, and I installed programmable thermostats on each level of my home so that the house doesn't get heated or cooled simply for the sake of the cat when I am at work.From there I was a little stumped. Trying to figure out what energy saving tips worked in my home was baffling. Did I need more insulation? Some type … (0 comments)

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