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Northern Trust, an investment bank that has remained profitable even through the last year, sponsors a PGA golf event.  Their event just received an enormous amount of criticism from certain members of congress becuase they help client events at "fancy hotels" and provided live bands at parties, ...
Click here for the link to the CNBC article. As a loan officer and Charlotte native this article really caught my interest.  It is basically connecting the overall impact on the economy with the sub-prime meltdown and showing how this has a huge effect on Charlotte as a banking center.  Charlotte...
OK I have calmed down and want to follow-up on my last post... I just heard a congressman make a lot of sense and I realized that my last post threw them all under the buss!  This guy said that the government shouldn't be trying to make lenders lend, they should be creating conditions under which...
All you hear about is how high inventory is and the negative effect it has on prices in Real Estate.  I understand that what you hear from the media are national numbers, but honestly even I assumed Charlotte inventory has to be pretty high right now. This past weekend I decided to drive around a...

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