beam and branch realty: Welcome to Luker Ranch in Granbury, Texas - 03/07/22 08:33 AM
Developed land is getting tight in our little community. Just recently, this sweet little spot completed its roads and infrastructure and is ready for those who are seeking a little elbow space to build their dream homes! This tucked-away ranch is waiting on you to come out and see these views.
Garry Luker is a long-time Granbury resident, former school board trustee, developer, and entrepreneur. Luker Ranch is the family ranch that he decided to develop and leave a legacy. This was a very personal decision for him and he wanted to make sure this was a first-class development.
Situated on the south … (6 comments)

beam and branch realty: February Challenge Part II - Life as a Professional - 02/26/22 04:29 PM
Part II of the February Challenge that Carol Williams put before us. Part I was about our personal lives and what has shaped us. In this post, we are to share the experiences in life that have impacted us in our professional lives.
As I look back on my professional life, it has been very exciting, varied, and never boring. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology, I began my professional career teaching high school science which I loved. Many people bemoan teaching yet, I found much satisfaction as a teacher.
My entrepreneurial career began in my early 30's when I built … (12 comments)

beam and branch realty: Cute, Ranch-style Home in Granbury, Texas - 02/18/22 08:24 AM
Great home in the heart of Granbury, Texas. Minutes from our historic town Square and quick access to highway 377! Excellent price-point so don't delay in giving us a call soon!
Paula at Beam & Branch Realty grew up in Granbury and knows the area extremely well. She is your go-to for all things real estate in Granbury. 936-203-0279!

beam and branch realty: The Nest in Historic Granbury, TX - 11/27/21 06:46 AM
When I was a little girl, I used to spend hours decorating my Barbie house. I loved using a bookshelf that I would design each floor of Barbie's fabulous penthouse apartment. Each shelf would be transformed into a decorator's dream.
Today, this dream came to life as my husband and I transformed another historic building in our wonderful little Texas town–Granbury, Texas. Sitting on the corner of Bridge and Crockett Street, this stone-wrapped iconic building has been undergoing extensive renovations.
The downstairs retail space, The Nest has now opened its doors and we are having the time of our lives! Each aspect of … (8 comments)

beam and branch realty: Adventures with Carol Williams - 10/19/21 06:29 AM
Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of meeting our own Carol Williams right here in Granbury, Texas! Carol as many of you know, is traveling the country and taking time to meet up with lots of Active Rainer's!
We met up at a local barbeque place on the lake and just enjoyed getting to know one another in person. Through our blogging, we have become friends and it just seemed as if we were catching up. What a wonderful platform we have with Active Rain. And if you haven't yet discovered that this blogging is just about business, then you have missed the … (10 comments)

beam and branch realty: October in Granbury, Texas - 10/03/21 09:19 AM
Granbury, Texas is a perfect place to come and visit during the month of October. Book your rooms now so you can come and experience this small, historic town during one of our best seasons of the year. Take a look at all of these phenomenal activities taking place this month:
The Sleepy Hollow Experience - Lose your head at Granbury's newest and most thrilling Halloween attraction. 
Hootenany at the Distillery - Come by and enjoy spirits, do a tasting, and relax.
The Long Run Tribute to the Eagles - This tribute band is fantastic and will have you singing along in no time.
Harvest … (8 comments)

beam and branch realty: Oops ~ This Investor Got Stung - 09/13/21 02:36 PM
While recently assisting a buyer for a home, during the inspection, several large ticket items reared their ugly heads. The roof, the HVAC, and several appliances needed some serious remediation. After a discussion with our Inspector, we determined how we would go back to the Seller to negotiate repairs.
The Listing Agent let me know very quickly that the owner/Investor of this home had not owned the home long enough to file a claim on the roof (which clearly is in need of an entirely new roof). Therefore, the Investor was going to lose money. They offered us $1,000 in lieu of … (24 comments)

beam and branch realty: How to be the BEST Buyer! - 09/08/21 07:59 AM
If you are a buyer in today's real estate market, it is essential that you aim to be the best possible buyer. The market is competitive and when you are intentional with some strategy, it just may help you get your offer accepted.
In order to be the best possible buyer, here are a few tips to help with your success:
Be prepared. In this market, you need to be ready to pull the trigger when you find the home that works for you. This means, finances in order, know your price range, be pre-qualified, and have an understanding of your local … (8 comments)

beam and branch realty: When Hollywood Arrives in Your Town - 09/01/21 04:01 PM
We had an exciting week here in little ole Granbury, TX. The fan-favorite TV Series, Yellowstone, descended upon our town this week. The show is preparing a Prequel called 1883. Our tiny town Square welcomed the film crews and the actors as streets were closed to accommodate the filming.
My real estate office, Beam & Branch Realty was just a few doors down from the excitement and we all had fun watching the drama unfold. The immense amount of work that goes into the preparation of the site was really interesting to watch. Those on the film crew worked tirelessly from sun … (9 comments)

beam and branch realty: Selling Your Home is Like the Dating Game - 08/30/21 07:35 AM
This weekend when I was on a listing appointment and we were discussing how I was going to market his home. We discussed the main points regarding how to show the home in the best possible manner. As we were talking, it occurred to me that selling a home is a lot like the dating game.
Let me explain:
1. Preparation: Just like dating, it is important if you want to be seen in the best possible light to considerer what you want to wear and to clean up a bit. When you are ready to sell your home, you also need it … (43 comments)

beam and branch realty: Granbury, TX ~ Pecan Plantation - 05/12/21 11:34 AM
Granbury, Texas is a thriving small community located just 35 miles southwest of Fort Worth, Texas. This little town is situated along Lake Granbury which is a part of the Brazos River. The historic Granbury Square offers a quaint and nostalgic experience to all who visit.
We are experiencing a surge of newcomers to Granbury as people are seeking a place to call home that provides them with a small-town atmosphere along with affordable home prices, a wonderful school district, and a community that offers so much more. For those who are exploring Granbury, it is important to understand the various sub-divisions … (5 comments)

beam and branch realty: Historic Renovation ~ Granbury, Texas - 02/25/21 03:26 PM
Granbury, Texas is a quaint, historic town southwest of Fort Worth. Winding through the town is the Brazos River that creates our playground, Lake Granbury. At the heart of town is the beautiful and iconic town Square.
My husband and I purchased our first building on the Square two years ago and lovingly restored it where our real estate office, Beam & Branch Realty calls home. We love being on the Square and being a part of this vibrant community. So much so, we decided to purchase another building and closed on it yesterday!
122 N. Crockett is our new project that we … (16 comments)

beam and branch realty: Run to the Roar ~ Company Theme 2021 - 02/03/21 05:57 PM
Last week, I took my agents away from the office for our annual one-day retreat. The purpose of our retreat is to focus on our goals for the year, collaborate with one another, and take a breath from our daily routine to make some plans. Each year, I choose a book and a theme that will be our mantra.
This year, I chose the book, "Chase the Lion" by Mark Batterson. This power-packed book offers great inspiration to dream big and to get after those dreams. A great read causing you to determine if your dreams are big enough to scare you.
He … (18 comments)

beam and branch realty: New Home Development in Granbury, Texas - 01/30/21 02:19 PM
My husband Mark and I purchased a 12.9-acre tract of land just three blocks north of our historic town square here in Granbury, Texas almost 4 years ago. When we spotted this tract of land, we knew it was something special. Being walking distance to the Square, we saw the potential for this little tract.
Yesterday, we successfully closed the tract after working with a developer out of the Metroplex for over a year. We are busting at the seams about this new housing development. It will feature 69, front-porch series homes in a gated neighborhood. The price point will be in … (9 comments)

beam and branch realty: Andrea Vincent ~ Beam & Branch Realty Agent - 01/18/21 08:49 AM
Beam & Branch Realty is proud to know and claim this amazing young woman as a new agent. We are super selective as we seek individuals who not only have a heart for their business but also have a heart for people. Andrea fits this to a T!
Andrea and her husband came to Granbury and fell in love with the area. Prior to her career in real estate, she taught 4th grade while also running an online Christian boutique.  In addition to her … (2 comments)

beam and branch realty: Real Estate in Granbury, Texas - 01/15/21 10:14 AM
Granbury, Texas has been voted by US Today as the Best Historic Small town for two years in a row! Yep, we are mighty proud of our great little town as we know it is THE place to be. Located just 35 miles from Fort Worth, Texas, this little gem offers something for everyone.
Our housing market is brisk. So much so that we are at an all-time low of housing inventory at 1.7 months. We are seeing people from all over the country coming to Granbury. When we ask them, "why Granbury" the majority says they are seeking an escape from … (10 comments)

beam and branch realty: Navigating a HOT Market! - 08/31/20 02:17 PM

Those of us who have been in the real estate business for quite some time, have experienced the lean markets and the hot markets. Each type has its own challenges. In my market area, we are in a hot, hot, hot real estate boom.
This post is to share some wisdom and insight as you navigate a hot market as a buyer or a seller.
Make sure you are using an agent who thoroughly knows the market you are seeing to live in as they will have insights that will assist you in making the right decision for you. Understand your … (2 comments)

beam and branch realty: Preparing the Soil for Sales - 08/05/20 07:26 PM
Seeking to find new listings requires some planning, strategy, and a lot of hard work. Many new agents believe if they just hold their beak out just right, some listings might just drop from the sky.
Those of us who have been in the dirt of the business for a while know that procuring listings consistently requires intentional skills with specific marketing strategies. Preparation is essential if you desire to beef up your listing game. Just as a garden requires great planning and care in order to reap a bounty, listing agents must also plan so they can experience the harvest.
What needs … (9 comments)

beam and branch realty: Beam & Branch Realty ~ Farm & Ranch - 05/13/20 08:59 AM
Beam & Branch Realty ~ Farm & Ranch
Farm and ranch real estate is a very specialized discipline that requires knowledge, experience, and specialized skills. In order to navigate the various nuances in farm and ranch properties, it is important to understand the various types of situations that arise from these types of sales. Farm and ranch real estate is entirely different from residential sales.
Understanding soil types, fencing, topography, crops, animal ratios, drainage, water needs, infrastructure, prevailing winds, minerals, along with many other issues are just some of the topics that are discussed with these types of properties. Agents must have a thorough … (2 comments)

beam and branch realty: Crystal Wilson ~ Beam & Branch Realty GRI Agent! - 05/03/20 12:06 PM
Crystal Wilson ~ Beam & Branch Realty GRI Agent!
Beam & Branch Realty is proud to announce our agent Crystal Wilson has earned the coveted Graduate Realtor® Institute designation or GRI! This designation is through the National Association of REALTORS® and takes a great deal of commitment and fortitude.
Crystal is a top-notch agent who represents her clients with great attention to detail and a work ethic that is stellar. We have witnessed Crystal going the true extra mile to ensure her client's needs are met. Her ability to seek an "outside of the box" solution is outstanding.
Being a mom of two great … (2 comments)

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