homes: Is the Listing Price Important? - Searching for Facts not Opinions in Lexington Kentucky - 02/02/10 12:57 PM
The purpose for these next series of articles is to research how the original listing price does or doesn't affect the selling price of a home.   We read and hear Realtors consistantly arguing that setting a high price will usually lead to a low selling price. Is that true here in Lexington?  When I do listing presentations I show my clients how listing prices correlate to selling prices in their area.  However to my knowledge there is no systematic study of that correlation in Lexington.

My goal over the next 10 days is to look carefully at the primary … (0 comments)

homes: Growing Older and Keeping a Cool Head - 01/25/10 10:18 AM
Is that Really Me?  
"If wrinkles must be written upon the browe, let them not be written upon the heart.The spirit should not grow old."  James Garfield I usually rise early in the morning, have some tea, read and then go downstairs for a half hour rigourous workout.  When I come upstairs to shower I look in the mirror and there is this guy looking back in the mirror that continues to startle me.  

The more years I add on the less that "person in the mirror" resembles the person in my minds eye.  I seldom think … (0 comments)

homes: Is it Possible Really to Buy or Sell a "Home?" - 01/21/10 11:57 AM
Can you really buy or sell a home? Neither this world nor any of its place is an "environment."  And a house for sale is not a "home."  Wendell Berry. p.19  of "The Mad farmer Poems"    I have been thinking about how we use the words home and house.

First, some ways we use "home" that are nonsense with "house."    We can "go home" but we don't "go house."   We can feel "at home"  but we don't "feel at house." We refer to "home baked foods" but not "house baked  goods."   We "write home" about our … (4 comments)

homes: The Real Estate and Food Connection - 01/21/10 04:49 AM
"We still (sometimes) remember that we cannot be free if our minds and voices are controlled by someone else.  But we have neglected to understand that we cannot be free if our food and its sources are controlled by someone else.  The condition of the passive consumer of food is not a democratic condition.  One reason to eat responsibly is to live free."  Wendell Berry, "Bringing it to the Table, On Farming and Food" , page 229
What does this quote have to do with real estate?  I am going to write about that question.  My goal is to help … (2 comments)

homes: Blending My Passions - 08/10/09 02:55 AM
Today I begin my efforts to help the citizens of Fayette County Kentucky understand I am  a Realtor Consultant that is on a mission to help anyone who works with me as a buyer or seller to become a gardener.  I have experienced the value that a small garden can bring when selling a home.  I have experienced the joy of seeing first time home buyers reap the harvest from their first garden. I was raised on a small organic farm in North Idaho.  I owned my own very small organic farm in Woodinville, Washington for 25 years.  When my  two … (0 comments)

homes: Gardening and Friendships - 07/18/09 01:48 AM

Gardens Open Doors to Friendship Growing a garden gives one so many opportunities to begin building relationships.  One of my neighbor and I for a myriad of reasons were just not connecting. He  is diligent about keeping his yard very neat.  So while he was outside the other night I went over and immediately asked him if he liked tomatoes.  I had just given all my tomatoes away to another neighbor so I hesitated just asking him but the time was opportune.  

The next day I saw him in the yard greeting his wife as she came home … (0 comments)

homes: Celebrating the Fourth of July - 07/04/09 08:04 AM

        Phil Tallon invited us to the Fourth of July celebration in Wilmore.  “It’s a real sweet parade,” he said.  “It just feels like the idealized version of America.”  So we agreed to meet his family and Andy, Hannah and Sam in Wilmore.  The parade was scheduled to start at 10 am.

            We brought our lawn chairs.  Andy laughed when we asked if there would be opportunity to set them up.  “There will be plenty of room.”  We arrived at 9:40 and spotted Sam playing on the equipment behind the Methodist Church, although Sam was more … (2 comments)

homes: Sales are up but listings keep pace. A great time to buy! - 06/07/09 01:03 PM
Rector Hayden Market Report for Fayette County Ky reveals a spike in sales coupled with a spike in listings. Still a good deal to be had.  Sales have increased, even doubled in some price ranges but there is still more than six months inventory in almost all categories.  Still a great buyers market.
If you would like to get this market  and a report for six other central Kentucky Counties  via email every month just send a request to


homes: Another Good Deal - 06/07/09 12:47 PM
I just picked up a contract for a buyer that was accepted without change by the sellers. 
These first time buyers had tried twice to get a home that they liked but were not willing to pay what was close to the asking price.  After doing the comps on both of the previous properties it was obvious they were not close to market price. 
It was a long journey for my buyers but it was well worth it to see how excited they were to find their dream home at a reasonable price.
On more than one occasion I had a negative thought like "is this really … (0 comments)

homes: Intriguing Listings for 05/31/0p - 05/31/09 02:06 AM
Here are some interesting listings for today.
A Sunday's drive to a lot of possibility for less than 80,000
604  Jacana Ct,  Mt Sterling, KY  40535
Large home with lots of room to play under 200 thousand.
4617  Forest Lake Cir,  Lexington, KY  40515
 Biggest home with the best view on 34 acres.
270  McCouns Ferry Rd,  Salvisa, KY  40372

homes: Great Buys in Lexinton, Buyers Don't Miss this Opportunity - 05/27/09 12:22 PM
Buyers, do not miss the opportunity of a lifetime!!
Interest rates have begun to creep up and the market is overflowing with affordable homes.
Take a look at these homes.
Great Values in Lexington, Kentucky Over two hundred properties in Lexington that are priced so that they can be owned without breaking your bank.
In fact many of these homes can be purchased with a payment less than or equal to a similar home that you would rent. Just give me a call and my team can begin helping you on the path to owning your home.
859 684 5890

homes: Move Up Buyers, Don't Miss this Opportunity - 12/01/08 11:43 AM
Dear Move Up Buyers,
There has probably never been another time in history when you have such an opportunity as right now to buy a home.  Interest rates are historically low.  Prices have generally fallen and there is a large inventory of homes ready for you to choose from.
If you are thinking you will lose money on the home you bought you need to think again and read this very, very carefully.
Let me keep the math very simple to illustrate the truth about the market for move up buyers.
If you bought your home for 100,000 and it will … (2 comments)

homes: An Ode to Water, Lexington's Birth by Springs - 10/31/08 12:28 AM
         Yesterday after touring the home of Mary Todd Lincoln Kathy and I took a trip to the birthplace of Lexington.  Most cities are located next to a large navigable river, lake or the ocean.  Lexington is not.  However it was still birthed because of water.  Too often I take a drink of water for granted.  I know there are thousands of people on our planet this very moment who are struggling with the pains of living with the scaricity of potable water. 
          In 1776 William McConnell led a surveying party into the frontier.  He found place to camp near the headwaters of Elkhorn Creek.  Freshwater springs at … (0 comments)

homes: Split levels are a bargain. - 10/29/08 05:46 AM
My wife Kathy and I have spent 37 years living in a rambler.  So why did we buy a split level when we moved to Lexington?
Here are our top ten reasons.
10.  We both have good joints.  Very few aches and pains.  Maybe that is because we have always lived in a rambler.
9.  The property is only 2 miles from our daughter and 3 from our son.
8.  The people selling this house liked our adorable cocker spaniel.
7.  The light filled house was so cheerfully inviting on a windy, cloudy day.

6.   We loved the idea of … (3 comments)

Helping seller and buyers understand the value of the land they buy or sell is my passion. My work as a real estate agent is fulfilling because I am passionate about negotiating value. Sellers, let me help you maximize the value of your land even if it is just a small front yard. Buyers I will help you find a place even in the middle of Lexington that can help your family build a wonderful home. Give me a chance to look at your home, your land, your garden and I will give you some great ideas on how you can enhance the presentation of your home with a very small budget.




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