new york city feng shui: Feng Shui Tip: Become Familiar with the Predecessor History of Your Land and Home - 08/12/19 08:57 AM
Being a Feng Shui Consultant requires the development of deep listening. Of course there’s a dialogue between you and the client, yet the conversation extends beyond verbal words. It’s understood in the practice of Feng Shui there is an unspoken exchange between the ‘unseen’ environment of the land and home to the consultant. This is referred to as investigating predecessor energy; becoming familiar with the previous life force energy from recent or past events that create a multidimensional cross wiring of frequencies.
     Through this type of investigation, the Feng Shui consultant can reveal pockets of energy that could either be … (1 comments)

new york city feng shui: Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan Interviewed By Oprah Magazine - 05/13/19 07:14 AM
New York City Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano interviewed by Oprah Magazine on How to Feng Shui Your Home for a Harmonious Life. The inspiration behind the article was to further enhance your spring cleaning with the principles of Feng Shui. Laura shares 11 Feng Shui tips that offer an additional boost to recharge and refresh your home and lifestyle. 
You can read the full Feng Shui article posted on Oprah Magazine by clicking
"How to Feng Shui Your Home for a Harmonious Life"
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new york city feng shui: I Love My Park Day Happening On May 4th, 2019 - 04/13/19 07:21 AM
I'm so very happy to share, "I love my park day" registration is now open!! May 4th, 2019 is a day dedicated to show love and care to your local parks!! Which really, can be every day, yet at least we have one day that brings total awareness. In short, you help clean up, repair and prepare the local parks for public use. Feng Shui Manhattan participated last year and we enjoyed every minute of it!
I've already signed up and have decided to venture toward the Taconic State Park in New York. I hear they have fabulous hiking trials and a wonderful water fall to view! The Parks … (2 comments)

new york city feng shui: Feng Shui Manhattan 2019 Holiday and New Years Gift Certificates! - 12/23/18 04:51 AM
Feng Shui is a wonderful gift for anyone looking to transform or maintain a healthy lifestyle. The information shared lasts a lifetime and the process of Feng Shui-ing your home and self is FUN! To learn more about Feng Shui consultation options please click on Feng Shui Assessments. Or visit Feng Shui Consultations. On-site and remote Local, National, and International Consultations are available with Certified New York City and Los Angeles, CA Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano.
Additional Services:
Reiki Treatments Feng Shui workshops/parties Space Clearings Feng Shui Real Estate Development Consultations Long Distance Feng Shui Consultations Feng Shui Call Center … (3 comments)

new york city feng shui: What Are Fu (Foo) Dogs in Classical Feng Shui? - 12/20/18 06:53 AM
“Fu” in Chinese means wealth, good fortune and prosperity.  Fu Dogs are known as Guardian Lions which have been used in China since the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD). Another name is Chi lins which describes a mythical creature that features aspects of a dragon horse or Chinese unicorn. The concept became popular in Chinese Buddhism, subsequently spreading to other parts of Asia including, Japan, Korea, Tibet, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos and Singapore.
Traditionally, Fu Dogs were placed in front of Imperial palaces, temples, and government offices. In modern day times, Fu … (20 comments)

new york city feng shui: Feng Shui New York Webinar: Cultivating Spirituality and Wisdom on 10/10/18 - 10/10/18 05:05 AM
Click Here to Watch Feng Shui Manhattan Facebook Live Recording
During this Feng Shui Manhattan Facebook Live talk, Certified Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano explored practical approaches on how to welcome the energy of wisdom, knowledge, and spirituality into your home and lifestyle.
Books mentioned during this recording:
1. "Women who Run with Wolves," by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph. D.
2. "A Primer for Ascension," By Pierre Dubois
3. "Sacred Space," by Denise Linn
4. "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Alchemy," by Dennis William Hauck
5. "The complete Idiot's Guide to Taoism," by Brandon Toropov and Chad Hansen
Laura also touched upon the topic of intention writing. For those … (3 comments)

new york city feng shui: 2018 Los Angeles Feng Shui Workshops In June with Laura Cerrano - 05/16/18 03:46 PM
FENG SHUI WORKSHOP TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT! Starting May 30th, 2018 Certified Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano will be back in Los Angeles, CA providing private consultations and four FREE Feng Shui workshops throughout LA county. Dates, Times, and Locations are all posted below. Workshop Topic: Healthy Living with Feng ShuiSaturday, June 9, 201811:00 AM - 12:30 PMLa Habra Branch Library, 221 E La Habra Blvd, La Habra, CA 90631Tuesday, June 12, 20186:30 PM - 7:30 PMQuartz Hill Library, 5040 Ave M-2, Quartz Hill, CA 93536

Saturday, June 16, 2018
2:00 PM - 3:20 PM
Carson Library, 151 E Carson St, Carson, CA 90745

Monday, June 18, 2018
6:00 … (4 comments)

new york city feng shui: Embrace The Surroundings Of Outside To Enhance The Energy Within - 03/20/18 11:53 AM
The juxtaposition of two different environments can provide unique visuals and interestingly, harmonize the energetic frequencies of a space when composed in a balanced manner. This was the case for clients in New York City. Looking outside their window, they have an amazing view of beautiful architecture. On their window sill, they began to include a minimalist display of plants. This subtle combination seems to work really well and almost, looks like a painting. Utilizing the outside environment and highlighting that from the interior of your home, is another fun and creative way in how you could boost positive energy.
Naturally, pay … (2 comments)

new york city feng shui: Women's & Men's Spa Day at the Great Neck Synagogue on March 11th, 2018 - 03/09/18 04:42 PM
Meet 20+ Wellness experts from New York all in one place! Explore fitness, Essential Oils, Feng Shui, Reiki, Yoga and so much more! If you can't attend, please spread the word! It's going to be a wonderful event, filled with great company, energy, learning and sharing! 
When: March 11th, 2018
Where: Great Neck Synagogue, Great Neck, NY 11023
Time: 10am - 2pm
Cost: FREEEE!! All are welcome to join in!

new york city feng shui: Feng Shui Tips to Welcome in The 2018 Chinese Lunar New Year - 02/06/18 02:56 PM
Its time to restart, refresh and reassess where you are and where you are going. The Chinese Lunar New Year started on February 4th, 2018! Yes, that’s right,… on Super Bowl Sunday!
The 2018 year of Earth Dog is said to be a time of fairness and equality. The element of earth when in balance connects to stability, supportiveness, peace, compatibility, loyalty, feeling and being poised, and gentle energy. Integrity and honesty are the values that lead to success under Earth Dog’s energy in 2018. Being mindful of your health is also among one of the top lifestyle changes to adopt and maintain.
List … (14 comments)

new york city feng shui: What are the Benefits to Hiring a New York Feng Shui Consultant? - 01/19/18 05:21 AM
There are so many amazing benefits to adopting Feng Shui into your lifestyle and working with your local Certified Feng Shui Consultant. 
You allow yourself to experience life through a new perspective. You get to design a space that supports your dreams. By improving your home & work environments, you simultaneously improve your self awareness, confidence, decision making, communication, and strong connections with your intuitive senses. This is not even half the list of benefits. The best way to understand Feng Shui is to experience it first hand. 
Great ways to be gently introduced to the lifestyle practices of Feng Shui include attending live workshops and seminars.
To view upcoming workshops click on: Feng Shui Manhattan 2018 … (12 comments)

new york city feng shui: Happy Thanksgiving from Feng Shui Manhattan - 11/23/17 06:38 AM
Just taking a moment to say, Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing you all a day of love, fun, gratitude and togetherness. I am thankful for so many things, its hard to list them all. In short, a few things I find myself constantly giving thanks to daily is for the family I have been adopted by. The support, love and guidance is tremendous and I know that is not always the case, whether you live with your biological or adopted family. I'm thankful for the simple things, which again is not always accessible to many. Having a warm home, clean water, and being able to select organic foods … (5 comments)

new york city feng shui: Exploring the Art and Science of Feng Shui with Laura Cerrano - 11/08/17 05:57 AM
We're expanding into a time of consciousness of knowing and understanding that every person’s behaviors, habits, thoughts, emotions and environment at some point in time interconnect and affect one another. Feng Shui is a lifestyle practice that offers you an opportunity to awaken and step into this awareness with your eyes and heart wide open though expanding your knowledge with; the metaphysics, psychology, neurology, emotional intelligence and much more. The teachings of Feng Shui express these dynamic collaborations through Yin and Yang principles, the five elements, Ba-gua map readings and transcendental principles as to name a few methods. During the workshop, Certified … (6 comments)

new york city feng shui: What Is An Intention? And How Can You Increase Your Manifestation Powers? - 11/02/17 06:47 AM
What is an intention? Gary Zukav shares, “ it's a motivation for doing what you're doing. It’s an energy that infuses the DEED or the WORD.” To further this understanding of intention(s), you need to ask yourself, are you setting intentions from a place of LOVE or FEAR? This could mean are you doing something because you seek recognition to feel better about yourself (FEAR) or because you have something you wish to share and contribute to life and with others (LOVE). 
To provide a foundation to build from, I invite you to read and test out 5 tips to increasing your manifesting … (10 comments)

new york city feng shui: How to Sell Your Home With 7 Easy Feng Shui Tips - 09/22/17 05:37 AM
Lately, I’ve been receiving multiple calls to provide Feng Shui Consultations with the purpose of selling homes. So getting right to it, here are five tips to help the process of selling move along. 
TIP #1:
Pay close attention to the initial impressions you receive upon approaching the house. Starting from the driveway (if you have one) and moving your way toward and around the rest of the house ask yourself:
Is the home easy to spot from the street? This includes the house number on the house and mail box. Does it convey an inviting feeling? Is anything physically or visually blocking … (6 comments)

new york city feng shui: Visit Ralphie's Cafe & Deli in Monsey New York - 09/22/17 02:12 AM
Before starting an early morning Feng Shui Consultation in Spring Valley, NY I Googled local diners within the area and Ralphie's Cafe and Deli came up with 5 star Yelp reviews. For those who know me, I love grabbing a quick meal at local spots.   
The Cafe/Deli had a wonderful 'old town' feel. The breakfast meals to choose from were super simple, eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc. It was the perfect quick pick-me-up breakfast after a two hour drive (courtesy of NYC traffic). If I recall, the gentleman who made my breakfast that day said the diner opened in 1959.  So, if you ever in Monsey New York, be sure to stop on by Ralphie's Cafe and Deli. The food is tasty, the staff is friendly, and the … (3 comments)

new york city feng shui: Exploring Central Park South with Feng Shui Manhattan - 07/25/17 06:06 AM
Before providing a Feng Shui consultation in New York City I took a stroll along the south side of Central Park. It was a beautiful day to simply walk and observe the local happenings. Here are a couple of photos I snapped before meeting with my client. For those of you who have visited Central Park, please feel free to share your discoveries. 


new york city feng shui: Is Feng Shui Helping To Increase the Sales of Homes In California and New York? - 06/09/17 12:43 PM
 "A survey of 500 Chinese Americans conducted by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and the Asian Real Estate Association of America found that 86% think feng shui will make a difference in their future home buying choices. Additionally, 79% of these Chinese-American home buyers said they would pay more for a house that followed follow feng shui standards." source - Fortune
So in short, yes Feng Shui could assist in raising the selling price. This means it would be a wise investment for brokers, agents and developers to either learn and/or team up with Certified Feng Shui experts when constructing, buying or selling a … (5 comments)

new york city feng shui: Inside the World Trade Center PATH Station in New York City - 03/09/17 01:04 AM
New York City downtown's newest architectural landmark designed by architect Santiago Calatrava. Some will refer to him as a 'visionary theorist, philosopher and a true artist in the craft of engineering and architectonic expressionism" - source
What was Calatrava's inspiration? 
His family and him moved to New York City after the events of September 11. Due to that, much of his inspiration was rooted in the permeation though the street of New York during that tragic moment in history, 9-11. This generated the deepest desire in Calatrava to build something exceptional, something that had the calming sense of peace and hope for future generations who walk though the space. 
He also wanted to make sure navigation though the … (9 comments)

new york city feng shui: View of the Downtown Financial District in New York City - 03/05/17 05:11 AM
It's been a while since allowing myself time to just explore New York city vs only arriving for Feng Shui consultations and being stuck in that go-go-go mentality. After meeting up with my client, I took the time to simply just walk around the downtown financial district and take in the views. Enjoy!

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