little league: Springtime!! Batter up! - 04/06/13 11:55 AM

We are on the little league ball field which is a sure sign that it is spring! The fields are a verdant green and beautifully manicured!
Most lawns do not look this good... But most lawns are not AstroTurf!    This tournament was at a newer facility than the usual one and it is state of the art.  It has real toilets instead of latrines and there are food courts close to each field.  Comfort was clearly factored into the planning equation.
The boys are full of vim and vitality.  They are fun to watch.  They appear to have grown a lot … (2 comments)

little league: Baseball, is it still just a game - 03/17/13 10:13 PM

Although baseball season is still a few weeks away, this weekend was blesses with an opportunity to watch how much the children have grown both in stature and height.
There were tournaments scheduled all over the county.  The heat has begun earlier than usual and there were gusts of wind to give the bleacher experiences an extra flair.
This is the first year that our grandson has actually been on a team where the kids play all the positions... Including pitcher.
This year promises more excitement than past since the coaches will not play any of the positions.
Unfortunately the kids are not playing … (9 comments)

little league: What's in a name? - 03/31/12 08:32 AM
The days where little league teams are named after the big league teams are over!
Today some of the teams have been named things like, "diamond cutters,  "surge" and battastic.  Sort of a departure from what we were accustomed to.  We can adapt to that.
The rules have changed in some of the leagues too.
A great deal of confusion was evident last week when a young umpire decided to enforce a rule whereby if the runner over shoots the base going to first and turns right to return,  he is safe.  If he turns left and approaches … (0 comments)

little league: Winning or Losing!! - 03/07/12 05:03 AM

Once upon a time, someone once said "it is not whether you win or lose, it is how you play the game."

If that was ever really anything people believed or not, it is definately not true of the teams in "Select" little league.
The members of these teams are selected based upon their  ability to play the sport.
Up until last night, this team had not had a losing game.  Last night they learned all about it.
The other team was on their game.  They hit well, they fetched balls out of the … (0 comments)

little league: Tonight it feels like spring! - 03/06/12 11:59 AM
Tonight it feels like Spring!  Chill in the air makes the sitting on  bleachers a little more comfy!  Very little!
Under overcast skies with every tree within miles in full fluff , with the sneezy stuff, we anticipated the beginning of tonight's main event .
Watching the kids warm up is always a fun feature.  Such a lot of energy being expended at 5:45pm!  Did we ever have that much?
Do these youngsters realize what impact this sport will have on who they ultimately become?  Probably not!  Do they understand the hours their folks have sacrificed so they … (3 comments)

little league: The importance of sportsmanship - 03/03/12 01:10 AM
Soooo... shall we discuss the importance of sportsmanship?  When you sign a kid on to play a sport it is sort of a given that you will subscribe to the rules and support others right to do the same.
Unfortunately,  there are adults in this wide wonderful world of opportunities who do not see things that way.
The coach of the opposing team was alive with negative attitude.  He was the picture of nastiness.  His players were good at what they did.  They also gave the pursuit of every part of the sport their complete attention!  
Mr … (2 comments)

little league: The Joys of baseball! - 02/28/12 11:00 AM
Who you watch makes all the difference.  
No longer Is it just a game.  There are leagues , such as this one,  where at the ripe old age of seven, the absolute purpose for participation in the sport is honing skills.
Game?  Not quite!  This is strictly business.  Parents, coaches and participants are all totally focused upon doing whatever they are assigned to do.  And they are committed to do it best!
These young men hit, run and field as if life depended on it.  Hours of practice are evidenced.
The first inning  we saw consisted of three hits and … (2 comments)

little league: Thwack!! Spring is sprung.... Little League Baseball..... - 02/21/12 12:17 PM

It is spring!  Nothing brings that fact he as strongly as the fact that we are sitting on a bleacher with the strong smell of mildew and freshly mowed grass watching seven year old boys warming up to play the great American sport, baseball!  Wonderful opportunity to swat Mosquitos and listen for the resounding "thwack " of a ball connecting with a metal bat.  Actually its more like a thweink than a thwack.
Seven year olds come in an assortment of sizes and shapes.  They also vary widely in the intensity with which they approach the game.

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