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Yes. While Fannie Mae indeed recently raised the property limit back to 10 properties on credit (a smart move) they have limited the ability to acquire properties 5 through 10 to people who can truly afford them. Unlike the boom days of the mid 00's investors better bring something to the table o...
Yesterday I had a customer who is an engineer at one of the largest cable companies in the world tell me he was feeling pressured from me to get his mortgage loan origination agreement so I could lock his rate. Just as I read his email a man was in my office to pick up my son's XBox360 and that m...
As I have written one of my favorite movie quotes of all time (next to most of Cool Hand Luke) is the line from Men In Black where K says to J, "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals." Go get some coffee ... and maybe a sandwich - you'll need it. Hang on, though, there is...
Chances are if you are a homeowner with an FHA loan in Georgia you have been contacted, solicited, hammered ... by out of state lenders offering you the opportunity to "refinance and close in a week with no closing costs and no appraisal". We've seen those quotes - here is a guideline for you to ...
Be careful when you answer because you may not exactly know the full answer. As an agent it is something you hear and something you learn about in CE classes from time to time but do you know exactly how they are determined? You will in five minutes. Some of you already do so you may be excused t...
Stop giggling! I know 95% of the people who read this will say "everybody knows that" but they don't. I know because I get people who call in and ask what it means! I never treat them like they don't know anything because many of them are very brilliant people who just do not know what those word...
We spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a year or even month telling complete strangers what we do in hopes they will select us to provide their services. On Thursday and Friday I was teaching former real estate agents to become loan officers and I asked them a simple question, "Who will your f...
On one of my blogs the traffic logs keep showing a certain search string containing something similar to "who qualifies as a first time home buyer". There is a remote possibility you, the reader, may not know why this is a popular question. If so the short answer is: Congress just raised the firs...
Reading the 577 pages of Section B of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009 is daunting. Understanding that there are few "new" laws included in it makes you realize you better have some good Thomas skills to cross-reference with the existing laws thich are being ammended. A week...
So basically I am the RantMan this week - but I am doing it all for you my clients and my friends. Seriously - it's not like I get paid for these blog posts :) Not a conspiracy theory ... an actual conspiracy. This is not so much about the inner workings of the conspiracy itself but more about wh...

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