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Due to the economic stimulus plan, buying now offers many benefits for first time home buyers. It will be beneficial to you and your clients to make sure that they are educated on the current changes and how they can benefit from them. 1. $8,000 for first time home buyers: The economic stimulus p...
Day 2. Your Personal Website Many real estate agents believe that they don’t need to have their own website with their own domain name. They believe that having the website that their company has supplied them with is enough. This is simply not true. Your company website is great to start out wit...
Hello All, I just wanted to let you know that Reliable Business Solutions will be hosting a Teleseminar entitled 20 Time Saving Social Networking Strategies Teleseminar on March 24th @ 1pm EST. The purpose of the teleseminar is to help real estate and mortgage professionals minimize the time they...
Hello All, In my research last week, I have decide to do a series of posts pertaining to marketing your real estate business. These will be on cost effective ways to market your real estate business. So here's part 1 Day 1. Getting More Bang for your Buck: Part 1:Using the Web to Promote your Rea...
1. An important factor when you start to social networking is making sure that you start with a goal in mind. The reason why this is important is because you will want to plan your daily social networking tasks by knowing what you must achieve. If you don't start with a goal in mind, then you run...
Online social networking has become an important marketing tool for many businesses. It can be used for any thing from finding clients, to finding employees, to finding referral partners. One of the benefits of online social networking is that we can connect to people throughout the world using t...
Recently there has been a lot of focus placed on online social networking. You may be wondering what social networking is. Social networking is individuals grouping together because of something they may have in common. Online social networking is also the gathering of individuals into groups bas...

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