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. Knoxville is the home to the Universtiy of Tennessee at Knoxville! The university was founded as Blount College in 1794, two years before Tennessee became a state. In 1879 the name was changed to the University of Tennessee! Since it became designated in 1869 as the land grant universtiy in Ten...
With all the concern we hear from media outlets of all types about the environment, it is nice to know that many town, city, county, and state governments are trying to impact mother nature in a positive way. Please note, this post is not the place to debate environmental issues! It is the place...
vs. It happens when the Braves play the Mets! It happens when the NASCAR drivers compete at Daytona! It happens at the concert your kids just have to see! It happens for those much sought after Broadway plays and musical! It seems that as soon as tickets go on sale for you favorite event they are...
What is base jumping? defines base jump as: –noun a parachute jump from the tops of tall man made or natural objects, usually from 1,000 feet (305 m) or less. Base jumping has been a rapidly growing thrill sport for some time now. Many of us have seen YouTube videos of base jumping...
Las night I watched Deja Vu on Starz. I just happened across it while flipping through channels, recognized the title and vaguely remembered the plot. As I am a huge fan of Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer and James Caviezel, I gave it a shot. Plus I pay for the Starz Channel as part of a bundle so...
Click on the video above to listen to the song as you enjoy the post! Last week, I posted about the Honor Fountain City Day event that was held today, Memorial Day, 2008 in the Fountain City Park. The event is sponsored locally by Fountain City Town Hall, Inc which works to preserve the history ...
The garden is planted and I cannot wait until I have fresh, organic vegetables and eggs, free from antibiotic dosed chickens! I must give a big "Thank You" to Danny Thornton for all his help with this garden; you will definitely be the recipient of its bounty! The last part of my garden was comp...
It is being reported on ESPN and other sports news channels that the rematch of Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is almost finalized (some outlets are reporting that it is a done deal)! De La Hoya expressed interest in a rematch with Mayweather prior to his retirement. The talk regardin...
This is my first localism post since relocationg to the metro-Knoxville area! In my short time in the area, I have discovered that there are numerous distinct suburbs and smaller cities that comprise the metro-Knoxville area. These suburbs and smaller towns contribute their own personal flavor to...
As a loan officer, mortgage professional, financial consultant, or whatever term you wish to use, the communication between the client and the myself (I prefer mortgage professional) is the initial building block of the relationship. The initial conversation can be very informative if the client ...

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