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FEELING THE LOVE AFTER MAKING A BIG MISTAKE! Some of my older tenants use an on-line pay service to pay their rent. Long-story-short, the payments go straight to the owners and I have to enter a credit in my software each month when they use the service. Well, this month, I accidentally marked th...
  PRESERVING YOUR INVESTMENT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU:  What to expect of your property manager.Good cash flow and healthy appreciation are why you bought rental properties in Las Vegas.  You worked hard to make the right choices and position yourself to maximize your profits.  Don’t let it all crumbl...
I admit it, I'm a Facebook junkie!   In my own defense though, a lot of great things have come from some of the hours I waste there.  A fellow broker and friend of mine here in Las Vegas (Dave) like to ask a random question every day and see where the discussion goes.  Today's question was:Would ...
STOCK MARKET OR HOUSING MARKET?Which is less likely to crash in the next 5 years? In this age of wealth inequality and economic instability, where should you invest your nest egg?  In the next few paragraphs, I intend to show you why you will get the best combination of high returns and safety in...
Market analysis and prediction is my game.  I enjoy the creative nature of reading economic indicators and translating them into action in the real estate market.  I also like the ego boost I get when I'm right (which is quite a bit more often than when I'm wrong).  Yeah, I'm a narcissistic nerd ...
I'M A LITTLE CONCERNED ABOUT THE LAS VEGAS REAL ESTATE MARKET. A stable and sustainable Vegas real estate market is one with appreciation anywhere between 7-12%. I know that seems high compared to a Detroit or Baltimore, but for us that's a good market. And according to our local association and...
THE BIG PICTURE:  Analyzing Market Data to arrive at conclusions & predictions Residential real estate markets do not exist by themselves.  They exist as a segment of a region’s overall economy.  This is why any worthwhile analysis of a real estate market is really just an analysis of the region...
LUXURY LAS VEGAS ISN’T THE ANSWER! Las Vegas may look like a luxury town to outsiders and people focusing on what they can see from the Strip, but the reality is that the Las Vegas residential real estate market has been, and will continue to be driven, not by the Wynns and Adelsons, but by the p...

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