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Insights and information on everything that sunny southern Utah offers from 12 challenging golf courses to world-class entertainment to fishing and camping in State and National Parks nearby, many major events, hiking and biking trails with picturesque surroundings! Year 'round outdoor activities that aim to please anyone and everyone. I'd love to be of service to you. I cover the following areas: - St. George - Hurricane - Washington City - Santa Clara - Ivins - Central - New Harmony - Pine Valley - Toquerville - Veyo - Central



Please send a Christmas card to little Addie.     The envelope is addressed and will go out in tomorrow's mail and on it's way Addie's house. Please help to make her Christmas a little more special, she loves getting mail! Diagnosed with Cerebral Atrophy, the doctor's are still uncertain of her o...
Things are looking up!  No need to travel far to gaze at neon hues racing 'cross the sky, just look up. Colors engaging, creating the greatest impact at an exact moment before fading, retreating, dissipating. Nature continues to put on quite a lightshow twice daily to those who happen to be prese...
Up in the night?  An important aspect of purchasing a home within a community is visiting during evening hours, most especially weekends. There are many factors that may present during this time such as:  Amount of traffic coming and going in the area Whether car lights hit the windows of the hom...
My assistant will be doing my Black Friday shopping. Tux has thoroughly checked every circular flyer for holiday deals, gone online to compare prices on all items on the list and will be doing my Black Friday shopping this year.  How many of you plan to weather the throngs of traffic looking for ...
Stressed out due to the holiday season? Eat the desserts first! After all, DESSERTS spelled backwards is STRESSED. And at a time like this, why worry about traditions and such? And WHO said there was a reason to save the best for last? So, what are you having first? Chocolate creme pie -or- Banan...
Put a SMILE on someone's face today, I dare ya!   The need to help new real estate agents is often just a question away. A few things I have learned: Open up, give more freely of industry knowledge and expect less for doing so.    I am simply saying...lend a hand when the opportunity presents its...
Thank goodness for Do-overs! While some things in life are never to be repeated or given a second chance to make a better impression, nature continues to awe and amaze. Day in, day out without fail to follow up and follow through. There is much to learn when willing. Happy Monday all!
Settle down now. The media has created an environment for braggadocios ultra-egos and tirade-driven sportsmanship. What is accomplished by this? Better ratings and sensationalism, most likely. Whatever happened to being quietly confident about abilities and talents? Be thankful. Praise is man-giv...
If tomorrow never comes.     The only time to ever stop believing or dreaming, is if tomorrow never comes. Until then please remember... You are:  more courageous than you dare  stronger than you imagined  and more important than ever Each life experience contributes to the best overall self and ...
FYI: There are only 5 Fridays left 'till Christmas!     Plan a Christmas Caroling activity! Invite family members, fellow agents, neighbors and friends to join in. Downtown areas with a lot of foot traffic are best! Or go door-to-door in neighborhood areas. You can also send out a flyer prior to ...

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