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For anyone interested in concepts, tactics, strategies, ideas or tips on home staging, interior redesign or decorating.
If the seller's family will continue to live in the home during the time the home is on the market, it is vital to secure the cooperation of every member of the household – especially the children. As we all know, a home can look spectacular one day and look pretty cluttered and messy the next. T...
I'm always teaching my students to give more than what you promise. Show people that you genuinely care about them and there's no telling what positive effect it will have on them, on you and on your business. A Downs Syndrome Man who bags groceries every day has a lesson for all of us. Click on ...
Questions are an agent's best friend when it comes to finding out whether a seller is open to having their home staged. The percentage of sellers who stage the home is still very low inspite of the fact that statistics overwhelmingly prove that staging works. A new book coming out just for agents...
"I've already discussed the two Color Keys and how one Key is for cool colors and the other Key is for warm colors. But what I didn't mention before is that there is a warm and a cool version of every color. There are stark whites and there are warm whites (often referred to as off-white). There ...
I'm often asked by agents if they should give advice to sellers about how to stage their homes. They aren't interested in becoming home stagers themselves, but recognize the importance of staging. Many sellers can't afford to pay a home stager, but they are willing to do some or all of the actual...
In order to convince someone to hire you for a staging or redesign project, you're probably going to be involved in the art of persuasion. Whether you talk to the person or have them read something (or both), most people need to be persuaded to make a purchase or to hire someone. I've said often ...
What a great transformation from cluttered spare bedroom to "official" bedroom. Well done!  Thanks for sharing this.Many properties on the market have the "spare bedroom" that is a catch-all for the odds and ends of the homeowners.  Usually, they are supposed to support more than one function and...
The unspoken thoughts and feelings of buyers can kill a sale in a second. Stagers need to be particularly careful to eliminate negative thoughts whenever possible - and definitely not create any.What's Being Whispered Behind Your Back? WORK:  Who Needs It?!! When  prospective buyers view a proper...
Last spring my partner and I were potential buyers. After looking at a myriad of properties with our agent, we finally found one that we thought might work for us.  But as much as I liked the property, I was uneasy about the ups and downs of business during the past 6 months, so I clearly didn't ...
I've got an active free discussion forum open to anyone in staging and redesign or who just wants another opportunity to exchange ideas and tips regarding decorating, home business development, and the family. We've got categories on: home staging, interior redesign, interior design, wall treatme...

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