connecticut: Should I Buy An Investment Property??? - 06/30/11 01:43 AM
I read this article on Twitter from Realtor Magazine Online and I am really finding this to be true in our market.Another great reason to buy an investment property! Have someone pay your mortgage and then sell when the market values increase. A win-win! Foreclosures Contribute to Rental Boom
Foreclosed home owners are contributing to a boom in the rental market. Nearly half of property managers recently surveyed - or 47 percent - say they're seeing an increase in applicants moving to rental units from foreclosed properties.
But foreclosed home owners may not find big deals in the rental … (2 comments)

connecticut: If you are going to swing a hammer.......... - 05/18/11 07:30 AM

If you are going to swing a hammer...GET A PERMIT!!! 
I cannot tell you the heartache that I've had in the last dozen or so homes that I've sold where the seller, looking to expand their horizons (well maybe that's a bit lofty...they probably just wanted some extra living space) decided to finish a basement. And so they did. Exactly that. Just finish the basement. But, how do you know the town approves of it, and why should you care? There is no other way to know that you have a performed work that is legal without obtaining a permit from the … (2 comments)

connecticut: Join The Kasey Group Sunday, 2/20 12-3PM OPEN HOUSE!!! - 02/14/11 05:59 AM

connecticut: What Happened To Your House Durning The Winter Storm?? - 01/20/11 01:39 AM
With all the crazy weather happening across the north east, I read this and have heard some terrible stories about dangerous walkways and driveways. Worst off, I have heard about some serious water damage to homes currently on the market.
Freezing Rain.  4 Feet of Snow.  Hail the size of golf balls.  With this trifecta of winter weather conditions, I have been driving slowly, dodging 4 foot icicles when showing houses and aappreciating the sand that the sellers have left out for me to use on their slippery walk ways.  However, one thing that I didn't think so much of, but have heard … (3 comments)

connecticut: Down Payment for Purchase - 12/21/10 04:19 AM
"While many buyers have taken advantage of low down payment FHA- backed loans, REALTORS in Regions such as, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut, reported that a majority of buyers, roughly 49%, put down more then 6% for their purchase". *
 * This information is from The National Association Of Realtors-It is good to see in Connecticut, about half of the buyers put down more than 6%!!
By:  Karin Stocknoff December 21, 2010

connecticut: Very Important Condo Information.. Pass it on! - 11/17/10 06:07 AM
           VERY IMPORTANT CONDO INFO   I wanted to give you some information regarding the condo market that will definitely affect us all next year.  As of Dec 7,2010 many of the condos that you have been used to being able to get 3.5% down payments, with 50% owner occupancy ratios and a little lee way on the appraisals and credit will be expiring.  They MUST get their FHA certification.
           NOW.....Here is the situation.....All FHA approved condos prior to 1/1/2000 will NOT be eligible for recertification.  They will have to go through the full approval … (0 comments)

connecticut: Can A Real Estate Agent Be A Part Time Agent?? - 11/09/10 07:17 AM
I just read one of the most startling articles that I have read in a long time! 77% of agents treat real estate as a part time job.  Taking your fiduciary duties of care, obedience, accountability, loyalty and disclosure to your client as a hobby, or something that you do when you have the time for it is shocking!!
One of the first questions that you should ask any agent that you are going to hire is, time "Is this your full time occupation?" Can you imagine if your surgeon was moonlighting as a bartender? How about if your lawyer, working … (10 comments)

connecticut: What Can Your Client Really Afford? - 11/05/10 08:59 AM
I love meeting new people! Especially when they want to buy a home from me.  It's hard when you meet with someone and they are eager to get out and start looking at homes only to have me slow them down to make sure we have everything in order. 
 Probably the most important thing I can do with and for my client is ask 'what can you afford monthly' ? This is WAY different then what the mortgage broker told them they can afford to purchase.  Most people speak to a mortgage broker who provides them … (1 comments)

connecticut: Top 10 Reasons to Accept the First Offer that You Get..... - 11/04/10 07:13 AM
(Even when you just know that another offer is sure to be right around the corner because you just came on the market/reduced your home and there's been so much activity...)
10. Because there is never as much activity in the first 2 weeks of listing a home, just based upon momentum.
9.  Because 9 times out of 10 your first offer is your highest
8.  Because reducing your home if it doesn't sell the first few days on the market is the best way to let a buyer know that you will negotiate off your price.
7.  … (7 comments)

connecticut: A Deal Is Always A Great Thing, Right???? - 11/02/10 02:25 AM

Costco is my happy place. Truly, shopping there is one of my favorite things to do.  The wide aisles, all the fresh delicious food, and then the abundance of things you didn't know you couldn't live without.. like that inflatable canoe? How have I make it this far without one?
Can the Costco model apply to other industries.. offering quality products in bulk at a discounted price?  Take Real Estate, for instance.  This one agent I know thinks that listing as many homes as he can at a cut commission is the way to go.  However, unlike Costco he does … (6 comments)

connecticut: We love this house!! - 09/21/10 04:15 AM
Love is Blind....  I really enjoy working with clients who are in love  with the home they are buying!   But be in real life, falling too hard too fast can lead to heart-break.   Love-sick buyers spend their inspection day measuring for carpets and drapes.   They only call me back when I'm calling them for the 'fun' stuff, like bringing the parents through.   Buyers who love a home too much usually pay too much come mortgage time.
Here's some advice.   Keep your buyers focused by insisting that they 'participate' in their building inspection, not just show up.   They need to shadow their … (2 comments)

connecticut: It's that time of year again... - 09/20/10 08:36 AM
We need your help!
194,280 new cases and 40,610 deaths from breast cancer were expected to be reported for 2009. By making a tax-deductible donation or by purchasing Raffle Tickets today, you are providing hopeful futures for our loved ones and friends. You may not know someone who has breast cancer, but let’s give everyone a fighting chance. This year marks the 6th anniversary for the William Raveis Charitable Fund, Inc. and the William Raveis Breast Cancer Research Fund. We’ve Raised $1.3 Million Dollars over the course of the past 5 years in support of those diagnosed with breast cancer and … (0 comments)

connecticut: Great Article... 10 Reasons to Buy a Home - 09/17/10 02:49 AM
10 Reasons to Buy a Home
Sure, maybe there's more pain to come in the housing market. But when Time magazine starts running covers that declare "Owning a home may no longer make economic sense," it's time to say: Enough is enough. This is what "capitulation" looks like. Everyone has given up.
After all, at the peak of the bubble five years ago, Time had a different take. "Home Sweet Home," declared its cover then, as it celebrated the boom and asked: "Will your house make your rich?"  But it's not enough just to be contrarian. So here are 10 reasons … (1 comments)

connecticut: Home affordability - 09/13/10 09:01 AM
Home affordability- Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index(HOI)... What does it mean?
It is the Share of homes that families making the national median income, $64,400, can afford to buy.  
And, its remained above 70% for the 6th straight quarter... Good news, right?
This index, like all economic indicators should remind us that Real Estate is a local business.  We need to ask, "What is affordable here in Connecticut?  In Fairfield County? In Trumbull, Stratford, Shelton, or Monroe?  What is affordable for me?"
When data comes out giving us good or bad news the important question to ask is, "what is my Personal Affordability … (0 comments)

connecticut: The calm before... Fall Market - 09/08/10 08:26 AM
We're at that time again... the market is at a stand still.  It seems like every year the last two weeks of August and first two weeks of September are the slowest time in Real Estate.  People are getting last minute summer vacations in, its time to get the kids back to school, or you just have to good-bye summertime blues.
It's at this point of the year we work on re-building our inventory, structuring our fall marketing plan, and schedule our upcoming open houses.
What are you doing to prepare for the fall market?

connecticut: Keep in touch - 09/03/10 06:52 AM
Keep in touch!   It's something we say all the time...but do we?  
I had the most interesting conversation with a client who I ran into at the grocery store.    She said to me that she appreciated me calling, mailing and emailing all the time.  She said she likes the updates and she felt special.  She also said that because of my many reminders, she always mentions my name to people who she knows who are looking for homes.  The best part is, she has sent me referrals.
I took a moment to think.  What was I doing that was working for her?  I specifically … (2 comments)

connecticut: This is sure to brighten your day! - 09/01/10 06:52 AM
Have the end of summer blues? Well this video is sure to cheer you up. Thanks to Tom Ferry for this Real Estate Swagger Rap Music Video. By Stacy Pfannkuch on September 1, 2010 The Kasey Group Sells... … (3 comments)

connecticut: Staging.. It can make or break a house. - 08/27/10 08:03 AM
Want to sell in this competitive market place? Then you need to be the best product on the market. Not only do you need to be priced right but you also need to look right too. What does that mean? Your home needs to looks its best from the inside out. Take a look at this video for a few helpful hints. To Recap: You've heard it a thousand times, 'First impressions are the most important'. Showings don't last long and it is important to give people a reason to want to enter your home(curb appeal), and want to stay in … (0 comments)

connecticut: Do you know what your significant others credit score is? - 08/25/10 04:37 AM
Ladies,  can we talk?...  
I cannot believe that I have just had yet another conversation with a client who found out to her horror her fiance's credit woes.  This woman has really put her ducks in order, she has spent the past year saving for a down payment, paid off her car loan, paid down credit card bills and would you believe this, negotiated a lower rent with her landlord in order to continue socking away cash.  In addition, she has a fabulous 740 credit score and a stable well paying job in the healthcare industry.  This gal has a plan, she is engaged … (1 comments)

connecticut: YADDA YADDA YADDA... - 08/10/10 08:41 AM
YADDA YADDA YADDA...Remember that Seinfeld episode when Elaine is recapping a date and she says something like, "We had the bisque and then yadda yadda yadda."  Jerry says, "Hey you left out the best part of the story", to which Elaine replies, "No.  I mentioned the bisque." 
Think about your home....what would someone who comes to see it at an open house say was the best part?  
Here's some comments I've heard:
"The colors here are just beautiful" "Obviously, this is the boys room"...decorated with pictures of half naked girls "Are these owners smokers?" "What is that smell?"...oh, just a … (0 comments)

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