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Victoria Ray Henderson is Vice President & Associate Broker with Buyer's Edge Marshall Henderson is an experienced Exclusive Buyers Agent with Buyer's Edge Victoria & Marshall are members of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (naeba.org) licensed Realtors in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC We specialize in Home Buyer representation focusing on property evaluation, negotiation and attentive service to our Buyer clients. We are quick to respond and always available to see properties of interest.



Edit Prior To Broadcast   Long before digital editing & recording, there was the reel to reel machine. When I first started in radio, I used a reel to reel to record interviews, commercials and various "bits" for my radio show. The reels held large reams of tape. I would record an interview and l...
Christmas Cards Have Great Pictures   My refrigerator is covered with beautiful smiling faces! My friends and family have taken family portraits or made collages of family pictures from the past year. Some friends have put their animals or travel pictures on a Christmas postcard. It's not easy to...
Wearable Technology for 2015   Remember typing on a typewriter, making multiple copies with carbon paper and calling a friend from a phone booth?  All of that was common everyday stuff....until it wasn't. Over the past several decades, technology has altered our daily lives in ways we could not h...
#1 Habit To Create Success   A very good friend gave me a small jeweled box for Christmas last year. "It's your intention box." she said. "You write your intentions, goals whatever you want to achieve on a small piece of paper and save it in the box."  I only remember one "intention" I scribbled ...
Exclusive Buyer Agents with Buyer's Edge   Washington D.C.'s Premier Buyer Brokerage   What is a Buyers Agent? It is a principal agent relationship where the Broker is the agent for the Buyer with fiduciary responsibilities to the Buyer.  What is an Exclusive Buyer Agent?  A Real Estate professio...
Loose batteries in a junk drawer? You have a fire hazard   I never would have thought that a couple of batteries could burn a house down. That's because I had never considered batteries a fire hazard. A conversation with a home inspector set me straight so I am passing it along.  In 2011, a home ...
Fannie Mae is offering 97% Loan to Value Option   This is big news for first time home buyers! Fannie Mae is allowing 3% down payment for qualified first time home buyers.  This is a dream come true for those who want to buy a home but may not have the resources for a larger down payment.  These ...
Thank Your Clients for Trusting You   I am so happy I've earned money this year! I've paid my bills, put my children through school and taken a wonderful trip to Costa Rica. Why? Because people trusted me. They believed I would work hard for them as they searched for a home. They were confident I...
How To Improve Communication Skills    Before I joined my husband at Buyer's Edge in Bethesda Maryland, I had a long career in local radio. Every weekday, I wrote my newscasts, usually nine every morning, and read them out loud. I mean I read the newscasts to myself before I cracked the mic and r...
Find the Mortgage Assistance Program for You   You may be able to buy a home today. The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development is the best place to start. Starting now, while interest rates are historically low, is an excellent idea.  There are programs for middle income home buyers incl...

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