Landlord/Tenant Relations in Property Management- The 4 Types~

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As a professional residential property manager these past 16+ years, I have had my fair share of challenging scenarios. Most scenarios involving Landlord/Tenant relations fall into 4 possible categories:

1. Good Landlord/Good Tenant- My favorite scenario, and by far the most rewarding one to work with. The Landlord recognizes their responsibilities to the Tenant and the property, while the Tenant fully understands and adheres to the terms of the lease agreement.

2. Good Landlord/Bad Tenant- I would say I hate to work with these scenarios, but they tend to be a significant part of new incoming business (Client placed a tenant themselves and now needs our help to straighten them out or evict them and start over).

3. Bad Landlord/Good Tenant- Almost as bad as you can get, here you have a Tenant that is adhering to the rental terms, while the Landlord does not keep up his/her end of the deal. These scenarios tend to be short-lived in our business, as i find that I have less and less patience with clients that refuse to keep up their properties.

4. Bad Landlord/Bad Tenant- A rare situation indeed, where on one hand you have an uncooperative hostile tenant, while on the other a perpetually irate client that seems to always be questioning why they are paying us to make their life miserable (bothering them with repair requests and other expenditures, etc.).


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