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3 Things Home Owners need to know before their Phoenix New Home warranties expire! 


Over the last several years I've heard Buyers of New Home Construction in Phoenix repeat the same three reasons over and over again as to why they didn't get a Home Inspection and the truth of the matter is they were mistaken.  Here's what they think:


Reason #1:  I Trust My Builder! 

The reality today is that most home builder’s don't even have tools and equipment.  The fact is most new home builders are financiers and occasionally job site managers.

Who actually builds your new home are the sub-contractors that the builder hires to do the work.  So whether your new home is built correctly and complies with the current building code strictly depends on the knowledge and skill of the sub-contractors.   And speaking candidly, the quality of the sub-contractors varies greatly.  And most sub-contractors are unlicensed and unregulated, so who's looking over their shoulder?


Reason #2:  The House Is New What Could Be Wrong?


Even though all of the parts of the house you come in contact with each and every day appear fine, there's a lot more to your house than meets the layman's eye.

Here's the real issue; were the mechanical and structural components of the house put together properly.  And truthfully, most homeowners don't have the knowledge or skill to judge that aspect of a new home.

So here's what happens in many cases.  You go to sell your new home sometime in the future.  The buyer hires a home inspector to evaluate the property for them.  And low and behold the buyer's home inspector finds lots of things that were done improperly by the sub-contractors and now the buyer wants you to make the necessary repairs.

So I'll ask you again, why should you pay for someone else's mistakes?


Reason # 3:  The Municipal Building Inspector Inspected The Home!


Here is a True Consumer Safeguard that has sadly gone bad! 

Because of the housing boom over the last few years many Municipal Building Inspectors are forced to conduct 40 to 70 inspections daily.  These inspections have been reduced from quality checks to "drive by" glances.


One of the other things many Municipalities have done to keep their costs down is to let the new home builders opt out of the Municipal Inspection Program and hire private home inspectors for their building code compliance exams.  Now, do you think there is a built in conflict of interest when the person building the house pays "his own inspector" to pass his work? 

There is a very simple solution to this- Get your Phoenix home inspection done by a licensed Home inspector. This gets a professional set of eyes looking out for you the consumers interest. Sonoran Property Inspections is happy to talk to you, give us a call at 480-415-7977 to see how we can help you today. 


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Aja Shroll
United Real Estate - Prosper, TX
Your Home Girl

I was an agent in Phoenix before moving back to Dallas and I saw this all the time.  I ALWAYS advise to the point of insisting my clients to get an inspection. I am always surprised at how many problems come up with new construction.  It's such a small amount of money to save when it potentially could end up cost you big bucks in the long run.

Nov 03, 2009 12:54 AM