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I think it is amazing how many people think Social Media is the only way togo these day. Places like FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, YOUTUBE, BRIGHTKITE  TWITTER are all the rage and people are joining up in masses. SO what do you do after you join and what is Social Media compared to New Media ? Im clearly not an expert by any definition but I can say I get it I love it and Im looking to use it in any way possible. TO me Social Media is well Social its where you can meet talk and share with your friends or people you are trying to influence. It is VERY SOCIAL and transparent to the reader. I get accused of being to transparent sometimes. I was told by a family member to NEVER post that I actually drank a bottle of wine one night. ( NO its not often that happens) I use Social Media to personally connect with people. I want them to see me in real life and I want them to understand Im a person. I think the social networks allow you to be HUMAN to prospective clients. I have said many people can walk away from a big box store but they might not always walk away from a friend.

Now how do I define NEW MEDIA ? Its everything else that include social New media in my mind are PODCAST, YOUTUBE, TWITTER. interactive sites. Some of the social media sites are not only social but they can be human interface portals to get to know what your clients are thinking. Its like getting a pulse so you know what direction to take. Twitter is a great new media site. You can post very personal and social items but you can also use it to drive inbound links , share and track conversation globally. AMAZING ! 

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Barbara Michaluk
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Alison, Interesting post in your attempt to define the difference between social media and new media.  We realtors are using this media for our business but it also integrates our more social side.

Nov 09, 2009 11:41 PM
Troy Jowers
Pogo Realty, LLC - New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Realtor

I agree with you, Alison. That's why for almost all those sites I have both a social and a business presence. For example on Facebook I have my regular site which has all the old college kegger pics, then also a fan site for business. Now I don't post listings on my social site, and my fan page still shows a "human" side without the completely unprofessional and often profane blurbs from some of my firends and family. Thanks for the post!

Nov 10, 2009 02:03 AM