Should you get a Home Inspection on a New Home?

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This question doesn't come up enough. Many people are buying new or newer homes and the question is should you get a home inspection or is it a waste of money. Well, it used to be when we used only Spokane forms that you have to have an inspector come out and look at the home and you could ask for items that were in the report as deficient. The reason this mattered was if they agreed to do the work you couldn't get out of the deal, but in the new forms you can get out subject to your satisfaction, whether you had your uncle look at it or a professional.

So having an inspection can give you an out of the deal. (consult a Professional for your specific situation) That aside, most people think the home is new why would I need an inspection, but an inspection can find a multitude of problems even in new homes. I also find it is a good tool to get to know your home. Most inspections cover both defects and suggestions for upgrades and maintenance that is very valuable for the new home owner. It is kind fo a getting to know you book for your home.

My suggestion is to have a home inspection on any home you are buying. Though some new homes may warranty their work, you may not find out about defects to be able to use those warranties. Better safe than sorry in most cases. It is a small investment for a large investment.

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Excellent advice.   All one has to do is watch Mike Holmes going thru a new house with buyers who are up to their ying-yangs in problems.   The last episode I saw was a young couple who stepped out of bed to find their rug was saturated with the rain water who was seeping into their home.  This occurred despite a home inspection!

Buying a property is a huge investment and it pays to take every precaution available to ensure we are getting what we expect.


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