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It is officially MUD SEASON IN COLORADO! "WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG? I won't complain much about cleaning my yard since these guys had to clean up after mother nature!

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Well the week started out with a Rock slide on 1-70 in the Glenwood Springs Canyon closing it for 5 days in both directions. Living in this beautiful state you never know when rock slides, mudslides or avalanches will happen. It really keeps you on your toes in a sense.

When you are driving through the canyons getting to work or a client's home it goes through your mind what could happen. Most of us are on our own mission and want to just get our tasks done for the day so when we are inconvienced by acts of nature it makes a few mad but most of us are happy no one (this time) was hurt.

I think it is really amazing to hear people say "What is Taking so LONG to clean up!

Well let me think, the boulders are 6' x 8' & 10' by 20' in size and my rake and yard equipment just can't do this task!

Besides there is some engineering to work out for removal. And in the process of cleanup a crew goes up the mountainside to see if more boulders have come loose from the weather warming up and the ground moisture releasing the rocks. GO Figure! That really can't happen in a hour or two.

Why are we so impatient in today's world?

May this week start out better!!











Andy Chaudoir
Professional Inspection Services - Georgetown, Texas - Georgetown, TX
Your Home Inspection Connection in Central Texas

Hello Debby - It's good to hear that no one was hurt.  Those are some really big rocks.  Given their size 5 days doesn't seem so bad.

Mar 14, 2010 03:43 PM
Debby Langford
Altitude Designs Home Staging of Colorado - Glenwood Springs, CO
Garfield-Western Slope Home Stager

Andy, I actually thought it would take longer also. They still have alot of road repair to do which will take weeks.

Mar 14, 2010 04:40 PM