Working With Real Estate Agents Part 1

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Working With Real Estate Agents Part 1. I have been writing several posts lately to describe the process the people go through when buying or selling a home. My purpose has been to educate you about the ins and outs. I also would like to dispel some rumors and myths that have grown up around real estate agents.

What does a REALTOR® do? Have you really ever wondered what a real estate agent is supposed to do? There are a lot of misconceptions. Working With Real Estate Agents will begin the education process to let you know who works for who. Then ask questions to see if the agent offers the service options that you feel are necessary to buy or sell your home.

Home Buying Tip: The Heart of a Teacher, The 3 L's of Real Estate: Listen, Listen, Listen, and The #1 Rule for Great Customer Service are describing some of the things you may want to look for in a real estate agent. Every agent is different and every client is different. You know best the type of people you like to work with. That is the type of agent you should be using.

Real Estate Myth #2: Realtors Are LIARS and CROOKS. I am trying to dispel the myth that I believe is directly related to the Working With Real Estate Agents document. Without disclosing our responsibilities in the transaction we could put you at an extreme disadvantage. I don't feel like this is what any agent strives to do. But we are duty bound to protect our clients during a transaction.

Who's the Boss? Client's Employee or Trusted Expert. Who really is in the driver's seat during a real estate transaction? The client is the person who is going to buy or sell a home. The agent's duty is to protect and counsel them as much as possible so that they reach their goals.

Why should I be your Real Estate Agent. This post is a person to person discussion about what I personally do for my clients. It is very non-technical post about real estate agents. The most important point I wanted to make was that you have to be able to work with whomever you pick as your agent. That includes being comfortable with them and trusting them.

Working With Real Estate Agents Part 1. This document describes the type of working relationship you can expect from a real estate agent. We have different responsibilities when we represent the buyer or the seller in a transaction In order for everyone to have an equal footing we are required by law to disclose who we are working for. That way everyone's confidential information remains intact and no one can have an upper hand or a weaker position during negotiations. In the next couple of posts I will fully explain this document and the terms that it introduces. Please feel free to contact me or your real estate agent with any questions or for more clarification.

(Donnie Worley is a licensed REALTOR® with RE/MAX Real Estate Service. He is a husband and father living in Sanford, NC and serves Lee, Harnett, Chatham and Moore counties. If you have any questions or comments send them to or call/text 919-478-4967)

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