Lenox Park, Urban Oasis

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Large Lake and BridgeAT&T Clock TowerLiving inside Lenox Park gives me opportunities that most residents of urban Atlanta don't have.  Lenox Park is a planned unit development within walking distance of the subway and the most successful shopping and restaurant district in Georgia and arguably in the United States.  To make transportation even easier, we have a no-charge shuttle that functions as a people mover, carrying riders around Lenox Park and to nearby shopping and the subway.

My wife and I try to walk the perimeter sidewalk around Lenox Park every day.  A steady walk takes approximately forty minutes and the views of lakes, fountains and trees with a backdrop of towering high rise buildings reminds me of walks through Central Park in NYC.  Every day I think how blessed I am to be living in this urban oasis

Sometimes on the weekend, we walk the inner ring trails contiguous to the two lakes, which allow us to enjoy the lake more close up with the ducks and geese cruising the lake, and labs fetching balls tossed into the lake by their owners.  The landscape is beautifully maintained by the HOA and on the warm weekends the expansive lawn is filled with people picnicking, chatting or tossing Frisbees.  

The trees are starting to change to their fall colors and sky has been blue and clear for a few weeks.  Fall is not here, yet, so the views will only get better.  I love living inside Lenox Park.    

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