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"Art/Deco In The Amazon" 5401 Mission St. S.F.

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"Art/Deco in The Amazon" in San Francisco is one of the many areas in the city by the bay that offers visitors a real chance to appreciate architectural cutting edge.
Throughout History there have been so many architectural projects done in the U.S.
Each state and cities within the state having its own distinctive design and charm that automatically is identified with that region. San Francisco is a prime example of these exemplary displays of artistic design truly ahead of its time, from it's glorious victorian "painted ladies" known throughout the world, to its magnificent art/deco displayed throughout this city with a truly historic past. Each having its own creative and unique designs.

San Francisco has such a rich history in it's architectural designs, some of the building being created by some of the worlds best and well know architects throughout modern history. When you least expect it, it opens your eyes wide like a baby first being born into the new world, almost leaving you in awe of the tantalizing sites you see in the city, truly ahead of its time.

For those who venture deeper into San Francisco, can find such beauty and history in the least thought of places. Historical building that capture the imagination and create waves of ideas in your mind, sturring brain storms of what it once was, who and why was suck distinction created in the early 1900's. The individual fortunate enough to have experienced these structures from an either ownership, or design standpoint, and what purpose it served in these time.

My vision became fixated when I happen to come upon such a dynamic structure. It is a beautifully molded structure that was created by A person with a keen eye for the slightest details, to the most dramatic and eye opening intricasies of such a magnificent construction. Im talking about "Art/Deco In The Amazon" 5401 Mission St. In the Crocker Amazon District, South of Mission In San Francisco,California. The moment I laid eyes on it, it created a flurry of ideas and questions in my mind.

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The design of 5401 Mission St. in the Amazon is truly one of a kind, from the moment you see it. I automatically smile, it brightens and hightens my senses, starting first and foremost with it's vibrant and colorful paint scheme. Yellow and white are the colors that make it stand out from the rest with no such to compare to anywhere in sight.

The more I gaze, the more it stirs the pot in my mind and I start to notice it's many intricate angles, curves, and distinctive nooks and crannies of the building. Standing in front looking up at this magnificent creation, the most recognizable part of the building is it's domed roof on top of the historical Art/Deco structure.

"Art/Deco in the Amazon", 5401 Mission St. puts me in a make believe world, where in this world the domed roof suddenly has the ability to lift itself like as if it were a lid on a cookie jar, for the days you want to see the bright beautiful skies and sun shinning while you work. Ideas are running rampant through my mind, as I suddenly imagine the roof spinning like a top and rotating in many different ways from its top to its three level tiers on top of the dome also simultaneously spinning like as if a small child has it's little hands on the controls having a good ol time making it reach the breaking point of failure.

My last brain storm as I fall into a trance of stares that make dots appear suddenly, I imagine the building is a masterpiece cake being constructed right In front of me by the master himself Duff Goldman "Ace of Cakes", on the food network. I sit and watch him make this immense creation with its pre 1940's Art/Deco Infleunce. It seems to be missing something, its just so plain and yellow but, he reads my mind and suddenly he adds all its intricate white trimming that surround the building entirely, as if he was laying down icing on one of his amazing creations, at the end journey the final masterpiece, "Art/Deco In The Amazon", 5401 Mission St.

As I walk through the building noticing as much as possible, takes my mind down a historical path of questions. What was it initially built for? I notice lighting fixtures that arent commonly seen today, the old and nostalgic metal railings, and its dramatic scene as you walk up the stairs to the living area, holding on to the railings doing a complete 360 degree turn to soak up the whole experience, and i suddenly notice the doomed roof from the inside and notice in the center a big and shinny 70's disco ball,(not part of the structure but fun nevertheless).

One Distinctive feature that gives us clues other than it's design to what function this building served initially after construction, A nostalgic Bank Vault the size of your typical closet w shelves. It might at one time served as a personal keep safe for the owners running there day to day business or it may have actually served as a small commercial bank ...the possibilities are endless, I have the urge to dig for more clues!

The angles and design of windows, the metal roll up garage, the uniquely updated bathrooms and dramatic skylights in the upstairs rooms starts to stir a different feeling in me. A feeling of ownership and what I would do to this Art/Deco in the Amazon, 5401 Mission St. S.F. It would be so gratifying to combine both worlds of being a business owner and having the capabilities of enjoying my property after hours which this beautiful structure allows you to do.

I would enjoy making it my own bachelor pad/ real estate office, my home away from home, where I work and play, my escape from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco. It would allow me to remain a simple hop skip and jump away from the inner linnings of the city I truly love and have tremendous ambitous dreams about San Francisco Mecca. 5401 Mission St. would be my seclusion and sanctuary from all my stresses, My Sanctuary In The Amazon!.

The key to owning and running a business in any commercial property is having a desirable service and product to offer to your clients that truly hold value to your future and current clients. I would create a friendly atmosphere to assist my clients, make it a fun experience, fun interactive activities, parties, helpful seminars assisting clients that are new to the real estate investment world, it would be the most exciting real estate office in town.

Everyone would know about Carlos Fernandez, Exit Realty WEM & Associates. Just look for the most distinctive and exciting Art/Deco Commercial Property In San Francisco. "The Domed Roof Sanctuary In The Amazon". Be creative and think to yourself how can I make it part of my ambitious entreprenearal dreams and desires to be My Own Boss! Think Big!

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