What Part Of Real Estate "Phone Hold" Do Your Think Your Buyer, Seller Likes The Best?

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Making the most of being on hold is a lot like traffic when you are pinned behind the wheel of your car...all belted in and killing time.

maine outdoor natural setting  Luckily in smaller rural states, traffic is not something we factor in each day as just part of the local life in the turf we call home.

But being on hold, waiting for someone in the office, product, service food chain that can help you takes time. Mainly because departments in a large organization are scattered around the globe. Out sourcing to in theory serve you better. Or at least save money.

Personally when I am on hold waiting for a bank short sale department worker to help resolve an issue or trying to return a call to a real estate buyer, seller out of state, I never get hot under the collar.

I don't whip out knitting as something constructive to do while waiting either. Pearl one, knit three. (Smile)

If you make lists of calls you need to make, tasks you need to complete, whip out that list. Add to it, remove items, decide the next three steps you are going to take after the hold status changes. I have even worked on the weekly newspaper ad, sketchy which properties are in the rotation to create one with the right seasoning of this kind, that type of real estate

Making good use of your time when the events, people you work with don't or can't or won't. More often finding folks that can help you is the time consumer. Along with when you do finally find the right department number finding out that time zone means they left two hours ago. The phones are on their end have cooled off from lack of use and no one there to catch your communication.

On the local level, more and more I am hearing the initial real estate buyer call go something like this "can you give me someone that has actually been to the property, knows something about it?" They ask can you give me a person that knows more than they do about the place. Sure can. I explain all 175 exclusive listings are ones I personally toured. I shot those sets of 25 images with great care, captured the video. maine lake woodlot viewEdited the loops, make the map graphics, adding sound information and uploading the virtual full motion movies that really help show how everything goes, fits together.

The real estate buyer is happy but you can tell frustrated, trail dusty and bone tired weary from being bounced around, shuffled, re-routed.

Horsed with and hosed, jerked royally around just trying to get information that is taking way way too long and like pulling hen's teeth, pretty scarce.

Poor guy or gal just trying to get more than a picture or two, a skimpy write up that would fit any of the property listings in Maine as safe, generic "Snooze and loose, nice home, nice lot, nice area, this may be the one" entries. For the record, "Great hunting and fishing" come with every Maine property listing.

So using recycled electrons and wasting real estate buyer time, testing their patience with that assertion just adds to the missing property information drama. Teasing the real estate buyer. Like Wonder bread where air is injected and you still feel hungry after you down a slice or two.

"Yes, I'll hold" (more Kenny G on a worn out, crackling sound track slightly distorted plays over and over, hypnotizing in a bad way as your real estate buyer drones out, goes comatose.)

Or blood pressure rises, anger and frustration builds and watch out next real person who comes on the line, if they ever do.

Property writes up that make sentences, even paragraphs but leave you scratching, itching for more. You know the ones the lady with the bun hairdoo, cat eye glasses that smells like Ben-gay did her best in many real estate offices across the land to get just something, anything posted. Anything is not better than nothingmaine ocean harbor bar harbor because nothing is nothing. Like Billy Preston reminded us a few years back. To desperately make head and tails of a new real estate listing thrown on her desk. By a part time real estate agent on the run to his other two primary jobs.

The paperwork missing tons of fields, lacking details, flavor, information and with hen scratchings that look like Egyptian sand script to anyone reading them.

Even to the agent when weeks later, gaping holes and lacking details still surround, cloak this now not so new but vague, slightly secretive missing real estate information listing.

Stand alone media like real full motion video can show and tell. But the other tools like many images, what your view is out all four sides, helpful detail and link loaded information, propaganda sheets make that out of town Maine real estate buyer more apt to actually come visit in person and do those follow up emails, phone calls. Maine, wake up, start your dream. See all our Maine listings. More full blown details in a new Maine real estate site too. 

I'm Maine REALTOR, Broker Andrew Mooers

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