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We are headed for the "Street Fair" today at the College of the Desert.  PaPa seemed pretty excited about that last night.  Supposed to be around 68 degrees for the event so he will like that a lot.  Suzie has him all pumped up to get some caramel corn - I think that is more because she wants it than PaPa does.


When we got here we weren't sure they were going to let us into the complex because our car was so dirty. They have a camera that reads your license plate but we didn't pass the test.   The Guard had to let us in.


We took PaPa to Sherman's for the early bird special the first night.  He had a patty melt (not my first choice) and couldn't eat it all.  He saved half of it, and we ate it last night for supper.  Suzie stuck her Matzo Ball Soup in front of him to try, but he didn't think it was as great as she did.  I think he was happy with his patty melt and no soup.  It was warm enough to have eaten outside but Suzie thought PaPa would enjoy eating inside and watching the people more.

PaPa and I took the car to the car wash yesterday and had it detailed.  They wash it, hand wax it shampoo the carpets and clean the leather and the rest of the inside.  It took four hours and Suzie was going through withdrawal.


They had three lanes with two vacuum cleaners each, and most of the time we were there they had cars four to five deep in all three of those lines.  There were ten people working the line so they were shoveling cars through quickly.  You can see that the Denali is starting to look white again. 


There was plenty of time for lunch.  We walked through the shopping center where the car wash was and there was a Chinese, Mexican, Subway, Chicken Pot Pie place, Quisno's and a Wendy's.  PaPa thought Wendy's sounded the best.  You can see I was eating healthy, a salad with a frosty!


PaPa decided that being outside was better than inside because that was where the "action" was.  He enjoyed watching them clean, polish and vacuum the cars.  He was busy making new friends while sitting on the bench.  This gentleman had a 2004 Impala that  had really been a good car for them.  Only had 35,000 miles on it.  I think PaPa was getting ready to make a deal when his car was done and he had to move on to the next friend - John.  He had a Mercedes and raised Dobermine show dogs.  He actually lived in Palm Valley where we do.  He was taking his daughter, wife, trainer and his wife out to the Palm Valley Country Club last night for all the pasta you can eat for $15.00 a head.  John was very helpful because he informed me that you can now wear blue jeans in the club house.  We might have to try that some time.


 We are off to the Street Fair now!!!

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Hi Gerald - I enjoyed 'spending the afternoon' with your family - I have a daughter who lives sort of in your neck of the woods, Colorado Springs - husband is military.

I have another daughter who can detail a car faster and better than any professional car wash - that is how she got spending money in high school - :)   And I mean, Q-tip clean, as she called it.  And it was.  Gosh, I miss her!

Jan 08, 2011 02:43 PM