Maine Farms For Sale.

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Maine has farms, lots of them and when a real estate buyer bellies up to the property listing bar and says he wants acreage, land, we ask what size and for what purpose?

maine farm harvest operation

Maine hobby farming is way way different than commercial spreads of beef, dairy or crop rotation operations.

 And sometimes the farm is just Maine land without the buildings.

 Other times that old barn and the so so Maine farm home is the carrot and fixes the property itch, dream.

Not that much Maine land needed to complete the image and to keep the price down.

To match the wallet size of the ME real estate buyer.

If you are looking for a Maine farm for sale, consider this blue light special with 50 acres for $35,900.

The home, well watch the Maine farm video and realize up front its value was not part of the final price tag.

It's a Maine real estate blessing or a curse.

You either have Bob Vila's cell number and woodworking skills or will ask me for the number for a qualified maine red deer farmbulldoze operator. Or what the local Maine fire department's policy is on practice home burnings after the asphalt roof shingles are removed.

Farms in Maine for sale. I grew up on one, own a 300 acre spread and know that area of Maine real estate extensively.

Can help with guidance and the USDA soil conservation folks.

All about the Conservation Resource Program and take part personally in renting out Maine land, have some acres in the "soil bank". Farms in Maine, having your own patch of dirt to be as self sufficient as you can. Like everyone did not many years ago.

Know what you eat, where it comes from when you own your own Maine farm land. Maine, supersized states, the people and places over the top too. Raise red deer in Maine, grow Christmas trees, have ponds filled with fish. Or farm crops, raise critters and manage the wooded sections of that Maine property for added profit, return on your real estate investment.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers

Comments (2)

Kimberly A Norgard
Devlin McNiff Halstead Real Estate - East Hampton, NY

It looks gorgeous and serene at a VERY reasonable price.  Love the video.

Jan 12, 2011 01:38 AM
Brigita McKelvie, Associate Broker
Cindy Stys Equestrian and Country Properties, Ltd. - Lehigh Valley, PA
The Broker with horse sense and no horsing around


That is a fantastic price!  Gorgeous property! 

Great job on the video!


Jan 12, 2011 01:45 AM