How often do Fairfax County School Boundaries change?

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Fairfax County schools boundaries change occassionally

Last year, my friend Chelsea moved to a lovely home that was assigned to her favorite Fairfax County schools.  This summer, she called me frantically asking about what to do because she had been notified that the High School boundary was in a study to be re-organized and she wasn't sure about the new assignment.


She then told her friend, Becky, who was moving to the DC area that it was pointless to choose a home by school. After all, the boundaries change and the house she chose could be re-assigned to a different school than the one she wanted.


School boundary changes aren't as terrible as they seem

After I calmed each of them down, I explained to them that school boundaries in our County don't change as often as it seemed.  Plus, when there is a change, there's plenty of advance notice - many times there's a year or two (or more!) prior to the re-organization.  And, many of the kids who would be directly affected with a change in the middle of their school experience are grandfathered to finish their studies in the school where they started.


But, why are Chelsea and Becky so worried about changing school boundaries?

In Fairfax County, there is no open enrollment. Enrollment in a Fairfax County school is primarily done by school attendance area (or school boundary). There are some exceptions, of course, but the only way of ensuring that a child attends a specific school is to live within the boundary of that school.

However, even when one lives in the school boundary of choice, the boundaries can change.

To learn more about Fairfax County School boundaries, read on: Fairfax County Schools: How often do boundaries change?

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Donna MacBrayne
Long & Foster Real Estate - Ellicott City, MD

Hi, Marina...You asked, "How often do Fairfax County School boundaries change?" Well, not having lived in Virginia for almost 25 years, I don't honestly know. But, I can say that here, in Howard County Maryland where the school reputation is very, very good boundaries change frequently.

In fact, we almost never even put the schools in MRIS (I think you share the same MLS system as we do). We recommend that if the buyer is unsure and wants it straight from the horse's mouth to call the county. People do move to Howard County, MD from all over the country because of our schools. Sometimes we have buyers that only want to be in a certain school district just like your friend, Chelsea.

And, here that is a big difference in price depending on what school district you purchase in.

Sep 06, 2011 09:55 AM