The Pumpkin Walls Must Go!

Home Stager with Harmony Home Staging

As a staging consultant we face many obstacles, as does any professional.  We deal with horrid colours, century old furnishings (that are not antiques!), offices in the dining room, and of course every Realtors favorite - smells.  But I think one of our biggest challenges is getting across to the home seller that inviting a staging consultant into their home to help facilitate a sale is NOT an attack on their own personal decorating style.  !!

Take my home for instance.  Yes I am an interior decorator and as a home stager I work with neutrals day in and day out, but when I come home I'm in living colour.  I love the autumn colour palate - muted orange, yellow, pale greens.  I know when it comes time to sell my home my pumpkin walls must go and up with the 'natural linen'.  Whisk away the many books on the shelves - minimize!  So long to my favorite family photo on the beach in Barbados and yes my collection of colourful vases is only going to distract the buyers!

Normal people do not live in 'staged' homes and as a prep to sell consultant I very gracefully try to remind my client of that.  Most homes I have staged are just that - homes.  Lived in and loved.  Personal style takes a back seat when selling your home.  Its a proven fact that neutral decor sells!


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