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I know I am not the only Realtor that gets these calls? Each time I get one I ask the same question. I get numerous answers, some are understandable " YES, if your credit score is below 400 you probably need to rent. But, I am so surprised at the callers that say "I don't know" I guess I really haven't thought about buying. After talking with them you figure out the rent they are paying could purchase a nice home, one you could own and call "HOME". I know there are lots of times in your life that renting is the best option. For instance, if you are only going to be in this area for less than a year, or collage students just finishing up their studies. But, just because you don't know why you rent....just boggles my mind.  I had one of these callers a few months ago and after talking with her for a while convinced her that NOW is the time to buy. After being in her new home for 6 Mos. now she  hugs my neck when I see her. She tells me I am so glad you gave me the information and the motivation to be a "HOMEOWNER". So as Realtors,  are we just not educating the consumer on buying or is living the American Dream not being a homeowner anymore? So whats your idea on this.....

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Tinker Hulsey

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