Television Commercials, To Do/Or Not To Do?

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What do you all think about television commercials for getting business. Here in Phoenix we only have about two or three Real Estate Agents who have any television presence. While traveling I noticed in some other areas of the U.S. the presence is a little more aggressive. Just curious if you are seeing any thing in your area and if so what are your thoughts on it. I have been thinking about starting something but want to check with you all first. Anyone out there tried it and, did it pay off?

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Jeff Tomas
Accounting and Tax - Rockford, IL
I have looked into it as well and found it to be a waste of time. The only way to get any kind of exposure is to have a commercial during prime time. The more inexpensive time slots will get you late night commercials. Think about your target market!
Jan 29, 2007 03:20 AM
Dick & Sandy Beals
Wilmington Real Estate 4U Wilmington, NC - Wilmington, NC


TV commercials DO work...... I find that consistant advertising of your personal web site works the best. Like any medium, you have to engage the customer, a TV ad does not do that in a short period of time.  I have had some success with 10 second ads directing them to my website on cable stations and the FOX network.  It is cheaper than you think...We receivce about 600 commercials a month for $750.00.  It is hard to actually track the number of leads, as the consumer always says they got to us via the web (however the TV ad drove them there)

 Dick Beals,


Jan 29, 2007 06:10 AM