Choosing a Real Estate Agent is Like Dating

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Think about it.  Selecting the person that you will entrust to handle your needs and look out for your best interest when it comes to buying or selling a home is no easy task.  You want someone who is professional, ethical, organized, and energetic, yet also someone with whom you have something in common.  Much like attempting to find the perfect "match" in the dating world, you want someone who you can relate to; more importantly someone who relates to you.    Finding that perfect "match" is much more difficult than it may seem at first.   It seems simple enough to enter your "core" criteria into a search and then be presented with suitable "matches."  Problem is you are given endless choices of potential "dates" based on your criteria alone.  You then have to dissect the basic information given within the returned "match" profiles to find those that for whatever reason spark your interest.   You are looking for a common thread, a personality trait that meshes well with your own, a person who markets himself well and appeals to you. 

Selecting the right Real Estate Agent is a similar process.  You don't choose your Broker based on simple criteria alone, you select someone who fits your personality and with whom you feel comfortable enough with to share confidential information and negotiate what is probably your most valuable asset, your home.  Your Broker is your right arm in Real Estate transactions and you want someone who anticipates the road ahead and prepares you along the way.  You are looking for a partner.  The benefits of working with any Broker are endless, but the ultimate scenario is a  relationship that is solid and comfortable.  Real Estate transactions are very personal matters and decisions are often as much emotional as they are financial. 

So take great care when selecting your Real Estate ‘match."  It may take some time before you find that "one" that seems above the rest, but your time will be well spent when you finally find your perfect match. 

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