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Ok, every now and again I just have to vent.

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Ok, every now and again I just have to vent. I watch as people attempt to trash our Supreme Court and Hobby Lobby over the recent landmark court decision and wonder out loud, WHY?


Where you work is a choice and if you don’t like the benefits they offer, don’t work there. Hobby Lobby has not changed their view in light of Obama Care. They have remained consistent in the face of this over burdensome law. Besides, you can still buy birth control for around $10 on your own each month, they just didn’t want to pay for it. Obama promised the private business owner would pay for it and clearly overreached.


If you work for a company and know the rules going in, then what’s the problem?


The liberal justices said it would open up all kinds of challenges to the law. SO!!!! If it’s wrong it’s wrong, do your job and defend the constitution. That excuse is absurd and the typical liberal battle cry.


It’s not racist or sexist to disagree with one another. Radical Muslims want to kill anyone that disagrees with them and the far left is almost to this approach. I have several liberal friends and in the past few years they have grown increasingly hostile and belligerent. We are a more divided country now than ever before in our history and the producers are under constant attack.


Somehow if you employee thousands of people or just a few you are required to offer this or that as a benefit even if you can’t. The federal government is tantamount to forced Unionization on all employers.


One needs only to look at the Dakotas to see a true market driven economy with good paying jobs and yet the EPA and the FEDS are fighting them at every turn. You see independent, employed, free thinking citizens that are happy, won’t vote for job robing policies.


We state our policies up front and our beliefs, so if you don’t agree, you can just go somewhere else to work or do business with.


I feel as an employer with it all on the line, I have a right to make choices. Someone else with nothing on the line doesn’t get the key to the office that I have built.






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They have the right to NOT work for Hobby Lobby if Hobby Lobby doesn't provide what they want/need.

Basically, the government is mandating health care when health care was used as a perk or incentive to lure in new employees..

Of course, companies providing health care was simply a way to pay employees more without getting taxed. Simply put it was a tax dodge. Now the government taxes it and companies were dropping coverage.


Than, thanks for the comment....You are of course, Right.


I cannot see how it is Constitutional to force an employer to pay for any sort of service for an employee.  Why are they forced to pay for health insurance and not forced to pay the employees rent, electric bill, or grocery bill?  Certainly shelter and food are more important on the list than health insurance.  Why not force the employer to also pay for homeowner's insurance, car insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, etc. too?   Just ridiculous.  

On top of that, this court decision opens up all sorts of scenarios.  What if an employer believes only in faith healing and not doctors? What if the employer does not believe in prescription drugs and medicines but only natural remedies?  What about Amish that stay far away from any technology?  There are legitimate religions that clearly believe this.  So do they now get exemptions too? 


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You post hits the nail on the head. Have a great week.