Why a Seller should not be at the home inspection.

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Often times sellers ask me if they have the right to be at their home inspection.  The answer is "yes" they have the right but my recommendation is for them not to be at the home inspection.      There are a few reasons why I recommend this for my sellers.    


1.   This is the buyer's opportunity to really get to know the house.   Most likely they only saw the house 1-2 times and spent less than two hours at the home.    A typical home inspection is 2-4 hours and this is really their moment to be introduced to the home.    When the seller is home the buyer has to worry about offending the seller or they may not ask all every question they have to the inspector. This may lead to doubt and uncertainty.  You want the buyer to ask as many questions about the house at the inspection.  When that does not happen the buyer may feel less comfortable moving forward.  Lack of information always means lack of certainty and could lead to the buyer asking for more repairs or backing out of the contract.   


2.  Emotions are high for both buyer and seller at this time.  Negotiations just finished and the inspection is usually the biggest hurdle in the process.   When both parties are at the home inspection it is a recipe for an emotional explosion.    Give the situation space.  


3.  The seller may end up saying something that causes the deal to fall apart or be sued.    Click here to read how this exact situation caused one of my sellers to lose a full price cash offer on their home. 


4.   It is very hard to sit through 2-4 hours hearing all of the negative things about the home you own and most likely love.    Remember the inspector is not paid to tell the buyer all the great things about the home but instead what is wrong with the home.   Often times sellers will get defensive, offended and/or their feelings hurt.  It is just best to avoid the situation and review the report objectively if and when repair requests are made.


So my recommendation to all sellers is use this time to see a movie or go for a walk.  It will have a much better outcome than if you stay at the home inspection.   



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Personally I don't think it's every a good idea to put a home buyer and home seller in the same room for several hours at a time. Having them both at a home inspection would be the worst.

Sep 19, 2014 06:35 AM