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April 27, 2008

WebTV Realtor & Entrepreneur: Corpus Christi - Padre Island, Texas

By: Mr. C. KIM McGuire

Many things are looking bleak these days when it comes to our wallets and purses!

So, when is the last time that you got a raise at 13%, 26%, or 50%? Those are the percentage hikes in food, gas prices, and other things as compared over a year ago that most people need in order to live and get to and from work.

Most of US need to take IMMEDIATE measures to save money since we are not getting BIG raises to keep up with the increases in food prices, gas hikes, and other goods and services. Right? Here are some measures to take in reducing our costs:

  • CREDIT CARDS: Eliminate/limit credit cards! Get on Dave Ramsey's debt snowball program TODAY. Are you paying your credit cards off for what you spend? Most people do not and are not capable of doing!
  • BUDGET: Create a Realistic budget and FOLLOW it.
  • DINING OUT: Eliminate/reduce dining out.
  • UNNECESSARY SPENDING ON WANT THINGS: Eliminate/reduce UNNECESSARY spending on Want things like a new car, larger TV, electronics, shoes, etc.
  • GAS CONSUMPTION: Lower Gas Consumption and Spending by eliminating unnecessary driving like running on multiple errands and trips on a trip or several trips. Combine errands. Make a list of places to go in a logical order to reduce criss-crossing around town. Share shopping with friends. Why not call a friend and check to see if they will be in town shopping and asking them to pick you up "x"? Or, when you are in town calling your friend to see if they need "y."
  • CAR MAINTENANCE: Tune the car/truck - tire air pressure, oil and oil filter change, air filter, spark plugs. Get rid of unnecessary cargo in the vehicle that is merely adding weight.
  • HOME: Turn OFF lights and other electricity guzzlers when NOT in use.
  • FLUORESCENT Bulbs - Go GREEN and use fluorescent bulbs instead of incadescent bulbs throughout the house. Cost savings are phenominal!
  • WINDOWS and DOORS: Seal any cracks or gaps around windows, doors, and any other places around the house. Cracks and gaps allow expensive cool air to escape during the summer! That's money out the window to cool the mosquitoes outside.
  • INSULATE: Better insulate the house.
  • CEILING FANS: Run ceiling fans to circulate the cool air. Fan running clock wise pulls cooler air upward and circulates it.
  • PROGRAMMABLE Thermostat. Install a programmable thermostat TODAY. When no one is home during the day in the summer, set the thermostat to a higher temperature. Program the thermostat to a comfortable and reasonable temperature where it comes on 30 minutes before coming home. Program the thermostat to a higher temperature at least 30 minutes after falling asleep. Our body temperature cools down a little when we are asleep.
  • Get acclamated to a higher temperature around our homes and surroundings. Start out with 1 degree at a time to a temperature where one can bear it in the house.
  • WATER HEATER Timer. If there's an electric water heater in the house, then install a Timer on the water heater. Set the timer properly for ONLY when hot/warm water is needed. It ONLY takes about 30 minutes to heat 50 gallons in a tank. Turn down the water heater thermostat. Is HOT scolding water really necessary? Can you do with warm water instead?
  • ELECTRICITY Providers: If you live in a deregulated state for electricity/energy, get a Lower electricity provider. In Texas and New York, check out Ambit Energy. Go to:  www.4Corpus.joinambit.com:
  • FOOD Shopping. Are name brands necessary or are they wants in your house? Have the TV commercials sold you to SPEND More on name brands? You would be surprised on off, generic, or store named brands tasting and doing the same things as the more expensive Name brands.

Okay, now that we are saving some money. Use that money to reduce debts. Okay, how about making some secondary income? Explore the opportunities! What can you be doing besides sitting down to watching TV several hours a day? How about the countless hours on the computer? Are those activities making you money? For most people the answer is NO! Learn money making opportunities from KIM McGuire. The Gigo Money revolution is here for anyone who knows how to use the internet!

KIM can sell any homes and lots listed by any realty agency. Ask KIM for Buyer Representation. NO cost to buyers! KIM also can help with rentals.

Note: Contents of this article are the sole opinion of the REALTOR. Just like anything else in life, individuals MUST use their own research, analytical, decision, and prediction skills! 



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 Optimism is in my blood! I have Attitude of Gratitude and that's what I teach my Twins. Optimism is a matter of viewing On Top of the Box, All Around the Box, Under the Box, Outside of the Box, and yes, In The Box!

 Cheers, KIM.

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Comments (2)

Steve Homer
The HBH Group (Keller Williams affiliate) - Round Rock, TX
Great financial tips, Kim!  Now is the time to tighten our financial belts!  Thanks!  Steve
Apr 27, 2008 11:39 PM
Chul KIM McGuire
CorpusTV.com - Corpus Christi, TX

Thanks Steve.

Best of the Market to YOU Today and as Always!

Cheers, KIM.  The WebTV Realtor & Entrepreneur.

Apr 28, 2008 12:49 AM