7 Tips for Chehalis / Centralia Home Sellers: Tip # 4

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7 Tips for Chehalis / Centralia Home Sellers: 
Tip # 4: Staging Your Home


Hey there! Eren Millam Realtor here and I want to tell you why it’s important to stage your home when selling. Last week, I spoke about the importance of correctly pricing your home and you can find that video here.
When you first started house hunting, you probably gave your agent a list of criteria that you wanted in a home. They probably took you to a few that matched all your criteria only to find out that’s not at all what you wanted. When they ask you for feedback, you probably said, “I don’t know, I just don’t “feel” it”. Sound familiar? Well I am here to tell you today that the feeling you didn’t feel probably has to do with how your home is staged.
When I talk about staging, I’m not talking about professional staging, although that is your best option. Sometimes staging can be as simple as re-arranging furniture so the showing can “flow” though the house. Buyers do not buy a home because it matches their criteria, they buy it because of how it makes them feel. This may seem silly to you, but I encourage you to try it for yourself!
Here’s more evidence. When agents were asking if staging made a difference to their buyer, 96% said it had some or a great effect on their buyers. If a buyer can’t imagine themselves in your home, they won’t buy it period.
So here’s some things you can do to stage your home on your own:
Clean: Not your average cleaning, but spring cleaning type of cleaning. Deep cleaning throughout the house. Dust, vacuum, mop and don’t forget to clean the windows!
Light: Make sure all your lights work, and turn them on. Open up the blinds and let natural light in. Turn unnecessary electronics off (tv, computer, etc).
Pre-pack: Remove personal items and knick-knacks, remove rugs, and make sure to put away daily use items such as shoes/hygiene etc. Put away toys, remove items from refrigerator, pack personal photos etc.
If a doorway is blocked or you can’t easily move from one room to the next, open it up!
It’s annoying, but you have think of your home full of memories, now as a product that you’re trying to sell for top dollar. If your memories are everywhere in the house, the new buyer won’t be able to imagine their own memories. Worse than that, I’ve had buyers get sidetracked looking at photos on the wall or perusing the titles of magazines on your coffee table. If the buyer has more interest in anything other than the home, you’ve lost them because they won’t even remember it.
So staging makes a big impression on buyers whether it is done or not done. I’ve outlined a few things you can do on your own and can answer any question you might have if you want to take it further. Next week, we’ll talk about marketing and what it takes to get today’s buyers to pay top dollar for your home. Now, get out there and make it an Extraordinary day!


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