It Just Takes One Idea to Help Many

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It just takes one idea to help many.  Today as I sat scrolling through all the social media baloney about the Presidential race and who won the debate last night I happened to run across a piece of GOOD NEWS.  Finally, something different it was a small tweet with a link about a man who thought of an out of box way to feed needy people.   



I remember last year or maybe it was a few years ago someone else was helping to feed the less fortunate using Monopoly Money from McDonald's or maybe it was from a different franchise I can't remember exactly. Now another person is on to the same idea in Australia where the contest is currently running.   He received a free food voucher and instead of saving it for himself he passed it off to someone he saw sitting on the street who needed food.  That's when the idea hit him...


Now he is urging others via Facebook and twitter to spread the word and the concept.  Save all your vouchers when the Monopoly game is available in your area.  Take the vouchers to a homeless shelter, women's shelter, battered women's shelter, salvation army, veterans hospital (you get the idea) and give them your vouchers for the food.  

There a homeless people everywhere but what we don't realize is that amount of people who are actually not homeless but do not know where their next meal may come from.  We have programs for hungry kids in a lot of our schools, but what do they do on the weekends?  Maybe these vouchers can be a way for them to have food all week and not just scraping by during the week days and going without on the weekends.  With the voucher the hungry teenager or child can go in and get the food and eat it.  No one else can take it from them.

Every little step we take can help.  Not everyone has the money to help others but if you do eat at somewhere like a McDonald's that offers winnings like free food tokens/vouchers maybe help spread the love and share them with someone less fortunate.  If you are ever wondering who in your area is in need just talk to the teachers, principals, pastors, shelters .... the list is endless.


I love this idea and had to share!  

I'm tired of all the negativity and all the angry people and the finger pointing.  Most of the people out there forget while you are pointing at someone you still have three other fingers pointing right back at you!  The majority of us have so much to be thankful for, It's time to count our blessings and open our hearts.  If some of us (not expecting all of us) would make a small change like this in our life imagine the difference it would make.


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