Spring in Spring Valley

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Spring Valley Campground...Cache Creek 

This place deserves the name of Spring Valley. This time of year is a beautiful gift out here, especially in our campground. It starts in February with the first greening of the hills and the fields. Buttercups and Shooting Stars announce the beginning of the amazing display. Redbuds, dead-looking bushes all winter, begin to thicken with a purple glow, and bust out into a flashy show of rich fuchsia blooms.

In March the water releases from Indian Valley reservoir turn the tranquil creek into something wild and powerful. On the first mild spring evening I open a window, and hear the sound of rushing water from across the sleepy, silent valley. Next thing you know, the Lupines have arrived; graceful, purple blossoms with stars for leaves. They grow so beautifully in the campground's sandy soil.

By Easter, the poppies are beginning to appear and the carpets of tiny yellow and white wildflowers have turned the campground into a pavilion ready for a celebration. I celebrate in this amazing place during this incredible time of the year. All the more because I know it will soon fade into the star thistle and 100 + degree days of summer where only the most hardy flowers will survive. I know it will fade, as it has for the 26 springs that I have witnessed in Spring Valley.

But as I sit quietly on the bank of Cache Creek, I know that this phenomenon has been admired by many, many ancient eyes that were here before me, before water meters, and roads. And I hope in my heart, that spring in Spring Valley will be discovered by those who will come behind, for many, many springs to come.

Note: Spring Valley is a rural subdivision in Lake County, Ca. Spring Valley is an outdoor wonderland featuring bird watching, fishing, hiking, hunting, horseback riding, relaxing and the most amazing display of stars.

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