Things In Your Home to Get Rid of Right Now

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Things In Your Home to Get Rid of Right NowThings In Your Home to Get Rid of Right Now

Whether you are preparing to stage a Charlotte golf course home for sale or are just looking to declutter for your own sanity, there are certain items you should ditch in your house as soon as possible. These easy tips will have your abode looking spacious and sparkly in no time. Read this article so you know what things in your home to get rid of right now for a fresh start!

Food Storage

Do you have cereal boxes and other paper goods cluttering your pantry and kitchen area? It’s time for a change. Paper food boxes don’t keep your food fresh and they are an eye sore to your otherwise beautiful kitchen.

Opt instead to store your dry goods in air tight glass containers. Not only will your pretzels stay extra crisp, but you will be able to easily locate them and they won’t take up as much space.

Old Shoes

Do you have old shoes piled up in a closet or mud room in your Matthews house for sale? If you haven’t worn them for months, it may be time to consider giving them the boot (no pun intended)!

Instead, pick out your favorite footwear from the mix and invest in a storage solution that will keep the closet tidy and spacious.

Curtains from Your Old Place

Are you hanging onto curtains from your old house in hopes that they will fit in your new home? Unless you are a pro with a sewing machine, it may be best to toss old curtains and invest in new window treatments for a house for sale in Weddington.

What things in your home will you get rid of right now? We would love to hear about your latest decluttering project!

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