Are There "Bulletproof" Real Estate Marketing Ideas?

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If you're like most agents, you've heard about so-called "bulletproof" marketing ideas - but do they really work, and how much can you expect as a return on your investment if you use them?


What Are "Bulletproof" Marketing Ideas?


Some ideas are basic necessities - like handing out business cards and making sure your real estate website is on-point. Those are the basics.


If you want a real estate marketing idea that really stands out, you have to do what your competitors aren't doing.


Real Estate Marketing Idea #1: Baseball Schedule Magnets


Baseball schedule magnets, especially right before the season starts, are exceptional marketing tools for real estate agents. The best way to use them is to pick a local team and mail them to prospective clients or hand them out in person. They're also great for stocking on the front desk in the office where your guests can pick them up.


Real Estate Marketing Idea #2: Real Estate Calendars


Similar to baseball schedules, real estate calendars help your brand stay front-and-center throughout the year. They're available in full-size and in smaller, convenient tear-off sizes.


Real Estate Marketing Idea #3: Full-Color Magnetic Calendars


Everyone needs a fridge magnet, and full-color magnetic calendars are a great way to stay in front of your clients (and their guests).


What Do You Think?


What marketing giveaways have you used that worked? Share your thoughts and give your favorites a shout-out in the comments, and stop by our Facebook page to say hi!



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