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Davenport, California

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Davenport, California Community Information and Market Report

Real Estate in Davenport, California

Davenport is a census-designated city in Santa Cruz County, California that is approximately 8 miles from the city of Santa Cruz. Homes in Davenport are primarily single-family homes located around the center of town. There are beach homes that feature comfortable living spaces, ample yard areas, multiple bedrooms and baths, and more. The residences in Davenport are either perfect for families looking for a vacation home, or as a rental property for the many tourists visiting the region. If you plan to buy a house in Davenport, our team can help you schedule a home visit for the ones that are available for purchase in the area.


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Davenport Amenities

The small town has a few hundred residents and primarily it serves as a tourist-friendly community to promote the fantastic beaches in the region. There are various establishments in the town center that cater to the many visitors regularly coming into Davenport such as restaurants, hotels, art galleries, and landmark buildings including the St. Vincent De Paul Church and Davenport Jail Museum. If you are planning to visit Davenport, a famous hotel you can pick for an accommodation is Davenport Roadhouse Restaurant and Inn.


What Schools are available for Davenport Residents?

The only school in the town of Davenport is Pacific Elementary School. Most of the residents usually enroll their kids to schools in the city of Santa Cruz which is an 8-mile drive east of the community. There are many public and private schools in the said city as well as various colleges.

Davenport, California Neighborhood Report

  • Population: 408 (2010)
  • Estimated Median Household Income: $77,613 (2016)
  • Estimated Median Home Value: $712,800 (2016)

Santa Cruz County, California Market Report

  • Properties currently active on the market: 20
  • Median Listing Home Price: $800,000
  • Price Per Square Feet: $501
  • Median Closing Price: $774,000

There are currently 20 homes for Sale in Davenport, California. If you would like to receive a FREE Competitive Market Analysis, contact me today.

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