Three Blogs!

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Blogging is crazy. Or maybe it's just some bloggers. Okay, maybe just me. 

Either way I feel nuts, but in an excited way. 

I wound up breaking my multi-topic blog into THREE websites, which is oddly freeing. 

Since the sobriety content was driving the value of the weight loss content down, I left weight loss on the main site, and moved all the alcohol content for best ways to stop drinking alcohol to a new domain. 

I opened up my library of free sobriety resources too -- no password required - at least for now. 

It feels really weird because I feel more free than ever, yet still so confused

At first I felt frustrated with sobriety because it felt like I have nowhere to go, and like I had more to say about the other topics. But I'm realizing now that everything is separate I don't have that much to say about the other topics. 

I had 120 posts on the one blog. Now that it's broken into three with all posts split between three blogs, I have about 60 posts on sobriety, 40 on weight loss, and less than 20 on finance. And I don't know what to write about, or what products to create, or really how to go about monetizing anything all that well. 

I'm going to just keep going though. Like, for most of blogging I've had no clue what I was doing or what direction to go in lol... I just kept going. Kept writing, kept learning.

Blogging has been an eye-opening experience and has taught me so much about myself. And just how much I don't know. 

Now I want to work more on sobriety because it's something I really care deeply about and know well and want to help people. A week ago I was SO over it. 

I'm weird. 

But that's okay. 



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